James Biden Gave Joe $200K

 October 22, 2023

Recent findings suggest a questionable $200,000 payment from James Biden to President Joe Biden, raising concerns about the integrity of the Biden family.

House Oversight Committee Chair, James Comer (R-KY), unveiled evidence of a $200,000 payment made to President Joe Biden in 2018, before his presidential tenure. This payment was from James Biden and his wife, Sara Biden.

The discovery indicates that Joe Biden might have personally benefited from his family's overseas business endeavors. This is especially significant since he has previously denied any involvement in such ventures multiple times.

James Comer, in a video statement, highlighted the questionable nature of this transaction. He emphasized how bank records from the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability revealed this direct payment from James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden via a personal check.

Tracing the Money Trail

Delving deeper into the financial intricacies, Comer explained that James Biden had received $600,000 in loans from Americore, a struggling rural hospital operator, in 2018.

These loans were allegedly based on James Biden's surname's potential influence and his claimed political connections in the Middle East, Breitbart reported.

On a particular day in March 2018, Americore wired a $200,000 loan into the personal bank account of James and Sara Biden. Intriguingly, on that very same day, James Biden issued a check of the same amount to Joe Biden from this account.

Labeling this transaction as a "loan repayment," Comer expressed concerns about the nature of this deal. He questioned the ethics of a distressed company lending money to James Biden, who then forwarded it to Joe Biden.

Further Investigations Underway

Comer is now on a mission to determine if Joe Biden possesses any loan document that proves he lent money to his brother. He is also probing if similar financial arrangements exist between the president and other family members.

It remains uncertain whether the subpoena of James Biden's Lion Hall Group and JBBSR, Inc. led to this revelation.

The focus of the subpoena seemed to be on obtaining records linked to Joe Biden's corporation, "CelticCapri Corp," which reportedly received close to $10 million in 2017 without clear revenue line items.

James Biden, often overshadowed by other family members, is Joe Biden's younger brother and Hunter Biden's uncle. Both James and Hunter were previously business associates with CEFC China Energy Co., an entity closely affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Unraveling More Suspicious Activities

Earlier in March, through Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), it was discovered that Biden associate Rob Walker received a $3 million wire transfer from CEFC.

Following this, four Biden family members, including Hunter, James, Hallie, and another unidentified "Biden," collectively received a $1.3 million cut from this transfer.

These findings, combined with the recent revelations, paint a picture of potential financial impropriety within the Biden family. As the investigations continue, one can only hope for transparency and accountability.


  • James Biden made a questionable $200,000 payment to President Joe Biden in 2018.
  • The Biden family's intricate financial dealings have come under scrutiny.
  • James Comer is investigating the nature of these transactions and the involvement of other family members.
  • Previous associations with CEFC China Energy Co. and suspicious wire transfers add to the concerns.

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About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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