James Biden Caught On FBI Tapes

 December 19, 2023

Recent news reports have highlighted the business activities of James Biden, President Joe Biden's brother.

Newly revealed FBI recordings suggest that James Biden was involved in negotiating business deals that may be connected to his brother.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation possesses tapes showing James Biden engaging in business deal negotiations. These recordings, which have become a focal point in recent news, illuminate the business activities of the Biden family during Joe Biden's tenure in federal office.

Expanding Scrutiny on Biden Family Ventures

According to the tapes, the Biden family's business operations from 2015 to 2019 garnered over $24 million. This substantial amount was reportedly accumulated through various business ventures and entities, with more than 20 shell companies involved.

These business ventures were not just profitable but were also branded and marketed using the Biden family name. Associates of the Biden family were instrumental in selling the "Biden brand," a tactic that has raised eyebrows in political and legal circles.

At the heart of these dealings is the Lion Hall Group, a company controlled by James Biden. The FBI recordings capture his involvement in negotiations, raising questions about the nature and extent of these business activities.

The Tangled Web of Political and Business Ties

One of the more intriguing aspects of these recordings is the involvement of Richard "Dickie" Scruggs, a well-known trial lawyer. Scruggs, who had longstanding ties with the Biden family, is shown attempting to leverage James Biden's influence in a deal involving tobacco companies.

As reported by The Washington Post, the recordings do not provide conclusive evidence of Joe Biden being aware of or involved in these transactions. However, the depth of the Biden family's business connections has become a topic of intense discussion and scrutiny.

Scruggs, who has known the Biden family for years, provided private flights for Joe Biden and had interactions with other family members. These details add complexity to the ongoing narrative around the Biden family's business operations.

Investigation Beyond Business Ventures

The FBI's recordings of James Biden were part of a broader investigation into a bribery scheme involving Scruggs. This scheme eventually led to Scruggs' downfall and did not implicate James or Joe Biden in any wrongdoing.

Despite the lack of direct accusations against the Biden brothers in the Scruggs case, the revelations have fueled further inquiries. The House Oversight Committee, in November 2022, launched a probe into the Biden family's international business dealings, further intensifying the scrutiny.

"The deal with Lion Hall also illuminates the Bidens’ decades-long relationship with Scruggs, once one of the country’s most powerful trial lawyers, who made his fortune taking on corporate interests and making friends in politics. Scruggs took James Biden on a boat trip while discussing a potential partnership on asbestos lawsuits; flew Joe Biden on his private plane to a fundraiser; and met with Biden family members at a University of Mississippi football game, Scruggs and his associates said in interviews."

Unraveling the Biden Family's Financial Ties

The Oversight Committee's investigation revealed that Joe Biden had received money from both James and Hunter Biden. This revelation adds another dimension to the ongoing saga, suggesting a more intricate web of financial ties within the family.

Further, it was revealed that nine additional members of the Biden family received payments from the family's foreign business ventures. This extensive involvement of family members has added to the public's interest and concern regarding these international dealings.

The story of the Biden family's business operations, as captured in the FBI tapes, continues to unfold. With each new revelation, the complexity and depth of these dealings become increasingly evident, drawing attention from various quarters.

Conclusion: Weighing the Evidence and Implications

  • FBI tapes reveal James Biden's involvement in business deals related to the Biden family.
  • The Biden family business earned $24 million between 2015-2019 using over 20 shell companies.
  • Richard "Dickie" Scruggs, a trial lawyer with ties to the Bidens, attempted to use James Biden's influence in a tobacco deal.
  • The Washington Post reports no evidence of Joe Biden's knowledge or involvement in these dealings.
  • The House Oversight Committee is investigating the Biden family's international business dealings.

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