Jack Smith’s Team Discouraged FBI Probing Clinton Foundation

 January 6, 2024

A revelation concerning Ray Hulser, a prosecutor currently on Special Counsel Jack Smith's team, has surfaced, casting a shadow over his previous decisions.

Ray Hulser, who had a critical role in 2016 regarding the FBI's probe into the Clinton Foundation, is now under scrutiny as he investigates former president Trump.

Ray Hulser, the former chief of the Department of Justice's Public Integrity Section, now serves on the team led by Jack Smith. Smith's team is tasked with investigating former president Donald Trump. Hulser's past actions, particularly during the 2016 investigations into the Clinton Foundation, have become a focal point of current discussions.

Decisions in 2016 Resurface Amidst New Investigations

In 2016, amidst allegations of financial misconduct, Hulser advised against investigating the Clinton Foundation.

This advice was given despite the existence of substantial evidence suggesting suspicious activities, Breitbart reported.

Three FBI field offices initiated probes into the Clinton Foundation in January 2016. These investigations stemmed from potential quid pro quo dealings with foreign governments. The sensitivity of investigating a high-profile entity like the Clinton Foundation during an election year led to coordination between FBI field offices, FBI headquarters, and the DOJ.

Doubts arose in February 2016 when Hulser, during a key DOJ meeting, downplayed the importance of the evidence presented. He deemed the evidence 'de minimus' and declined to prosecute the Clinton Foundation. This decision, while not legally binding on the FBI or U.S. Attorney's Offices, nonetheless influenced the trajectory of the investigations.

FBI's Internal Struggle and Closure of Investigations

Reports suggest that Andrew McCabe and James Comey, prominent figures in the FBI at the time, exerted pressure on field offices to terminate their probes into the Clinton Foundation.

By August 2016, a directive was issued to close and consolidate these investigations. Subsequently, U.S. Attorney's Offices decided not to issue subpoenas, effectively ending the probes. Hulser's stance, as he later told Durham, was based on the insufficiency of evidence, particularly regarding one of the investigations.

Andy McCarthy, a Fox News contributor, expressed little surprise over Smith's team comprising individuals like Hulser, who have been embroiled in politically sensitive situations. McCarthy's comments highlight the complex interplay of politics and law enforcement in high-stakes investigations.

Impact of Past Decisions on Current Investigations

Hulser's involvement in the Trump investigation has reignited debates over impartiality and the influence of past political decisions on present-day investigations.

The timeline of events, from the opening of the Clinton Foundation investigations in January 2016 to Hulser's current role in probing Trump, underscores the delicate nature of political investigations in the U.S. justice system.


The scrutiny of Ray Hulser's decisions in 2016, particularly his role in discouraging the FBI from investigating the Clinton Foundation, sheds light on the complex relationship between law enforcement and politics.

This matter gains further significance as Hulser now investigates former president Trump, raising questions about impartiality and past influences on current investigations.

The unfolding developments continue to be closely monitored by all sides of the political spectrum.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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