Jack Smith’s Prudence Allegedly Aiding Trump In Polls

 January 27, 2024

In a striking turn of events, former President Donald Trump's popularity has surged each time he faces criminal indictments. This unexpected rise in approval ratings presents a unique political phenomenon.

Despite facing multiple legal challenges, Trump's public support seems to strengthen with each indictment.

At the center of this scenario is Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, a figure characterized by his commitment to fairness and adherence to the rules. Smith, operating under the US Department of Justice, is bound by guidelines that restrict public commentary on ongoing cases. This includes refraining from discussing an accused individual's character or presumed guilt.

Contrasting Approaches: Smith and Trump

While Smith's hands are tied by these restrictions, Trump faces no such limitations. He freely discusses the merits of his cases, painting himself as a victim of political persecution.

This stark contrast between the prosecutor's silence and the defendant's outspoken narrative shapes public perception, The Hill reported.

Trump's strategy seems to resonate with his supporters, many of whom are not deeply familiar with the details of the indictments.

The former President has skillfully employed the "illusory truth effect," a psychological phenomenon where repeated statements, regardless of their factual accuracy, gain credibility through familiarity.

Impact of Repetition on Public Belief

Trump's adept use of this tactic is evident. Despite no evidence supporting his claim that he won the 2020 election, the constant repetition of this falsehood has led many of his followers to accept it as truth.

Psychologists note that repetition creates a sense of familiarity, making it easier for people to accept repeated statements as true. Trump's skill in leveraging this effect is a significant factor in his rising popularity amidst legal troubles.

Referring to this phenomenon, an expert observed, "When a lie is repeated over and over, the information feels familiar and that makes it easier for people to rely on it." This insight sheds light on the effectiveness of Trump's narrative strategy.

The Challenge of Legal Restraint

Jack Smith, lauded as a paragon of judicial integrity, faces the dilemma of remaining silent as per the justice manual's guidelines. This allows Trump to dominate the narrative unchallenged. "Prosecutors must largely stand mute and let their cases speak for themselves," reflects the stringent nature of Smith's professional constraints.

Given these circumstances, Trump's narrative of political victimization goes largely uncontested in the public sphere. This imbalance in communication allows the former President to sway public opinion.

Unless Smith can present evidence in court leading to a conviction, Trump's trend of gaining popularity with each indictment is likely to persist. This situation highlights the complex interplay between legal procedure and public perception in high-profile political cases.

Rising Popularity Amid Legal Battles

Trump's rise in popularity following indictments is a testament to his narrative control. It also underscores the limitations faced by legal professionals like Jack Smith.

With trials yet to commence, and Trump continuing to assert his narrative of political persecution, his poll numbers are expected to maintain their upward trajectory.

This dynamic raises intriguing questions about the influence of public figures on legal perceptions and the role of the media in shaping political narratives.


Trump's ability to control the narrative around his indictments and leverage the illusory truth effect has resulted in an unexpected increase in his popularity.

The contrast between his unrestricted commentary and the constrained silence of Special Prosecutor Jack Smith underlines the challenges faced by the judicial system in such high-profile cases.

As these legal battles unfold, the interplay between law, media, and public opinion continues to evolve in unforeseen ways.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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