Jack Smith Lashes Out with Recent Court Filing

 November 13, 2023

In a sudden and unexpected turn of events, former President Donald Trump has switched his stance on the broadcasting of his upcoming felony trial, a move that has sparked off a legal tussle.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has filed a motion flagging this reversal, indicating that Trump now supports the idea of cameras in the courtroom after taking no position.

Earlier this month, Trump's team had asked the government to clarify that their client was indifferent towards the idea of having his trial televised. The request was made amid a contention with media outlets seeking permission to broadcast the trial, set to take place in Washington, D.C.

Change of Stance Stirs Controversy

However, last Friday, Trump's legal team made a sudden U-turn and communicated their support for the media's attempts to televise the proceedings. This change of heart was met with concern from Special Counsel Smith.

Under current U.S. judiciary rules, photography or video recording is prohibited inside federal courthouses, barring a few specific situations. Smith has voiced his apprehensions about this, indicating that the presence of cameras could potentially lead to witness intimidation.

Smith's Concern Over Administration of the Case

Reacting to Trump's sudden reversal, Smith filed a motion on Sunday. He sought to quickly register a detailed government response, highlighting the former President's changed stance.

Trump's legal team defended their position with a statement. Special Counsel Jack Smith was quick to respond, challenging the claims made by Trump's representatives.

As per the statement by Trump's legal team, "The prosecution wishes to continue this travesty in darkness. [Former] President Trump calls for sunlight."

Rebuttal From Special Counsel Jack Smith

In his motion filed on Sunday, Smith disagreed with the alleged implications made by Trump's team. He criticized their defense for lacking engagement with the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure and not citing any relevant case law.

Smith was particularly concerned about the false claims about the administration of Trump's criminal case, as referenced in the defense's statement. He voiced his objections in the motion, saying:

"[Trump's] response did not engage with the relevant Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure or cite any applicable case law, and instead made false and incendiary claims about the administration of his criminal case."

Upcoming Trial Looms Amidst Controversy

As the controversy unfolds, the focus now shifts to the upcoming trial. Trump is facing felony charges in connection with the Capitol attack and his alleged attempts to overturn the election results.

While the debate over the televising of the trial continues, how this development will impact the proceedings and the public's perception of the case remains to be seen.

As the nation waits with bated breath, the legal battle promises to be a significant event in the unfolding narrative of America's political landscape.


  • Earlier this month, Trump's legal team requested the government to represent that their client took no position on the broadcasting of the trial.
  • Last Friday, Trump reversed his position and expressed support for media applications to film the trial.
  • On Sunday, Special Counsel Jack Smith filed a motion indicating concern about Trump's change of stance and the implications it might have on the administration of the case.
  • The trial, set to be held in Washington D.C., will hear felony charges against Trump related to the Capitol attack and his alleged attempts to overturn the election results.

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