Israel Strikes Take Out Hezbollah and Hamas Targets

 October 20, 2023

Tensions in the Middle East grow higher with every passing day.

Israel now has to worry about a dual-front war, with Hezbollah becoming more active in the conflict with Hamas.

Israel has answered with strategic strikes that have taken out both Hamas and Hezbollah fighters.

Talking Points…

  • The strikes
  • Israeli forces confirm hits
  • My Two Cents…

The Strikes

Early Friday morning, Israel announced that it had conducted strikes on more than 100 operational terrorist targets.

Fighter jets reportedly conducted strikes to take out tunnels, warehouses, and operation headquarters.

Targets along the border of Lebanon were also identified, as Hezbollah has been ticking up its activities while not yet declaring outright war against Israel.

Israel Forces Confirm Hits

The Israeli Air Force posted the updates on X regarding the successful attacks.

It confirmed the strikes by its fighter jets destroyed "tunnel shafts, munitions warehouses and dozens of operational headquarters."

The post continued:

"Also, the Air Force tonight attacked a number of military infrastructures of the terrorist organization Hezbollah in response to the launches carried out last night (Thursday) into Israeli territory.

"Three terrorists of the terrorist organization Hezbollah were identified a short time ago in the area of ​​the fence on the Lebanese border. An Air Force aircraft operating in the area attacked the terrorists."

There have been more and more reports of skirmishes breaking out along the Lebanese border, so the formal declaration of war by Hezbollah seems imminent.

My Two Cents…

I have little doubt that if Israel can go after Hamas, it will destroy the terrorist organization, but this is going to take some time.

Due to the fact Israel will be under a massive microscope, it cannot just launch missiles the way that Hamas does. We all saw the outrage when people thought Israel struck that hospital. Yet, when it became apparent that the rocket was a misfire from Hamas, the outrage just dissipated.

The anti-Israel sentiment in this country and abroad is just waiting to pounce on any misstep made by Israel, which means more fighter attacks with precision bombs and a prolonged ground attack, which will cost far more money and a lot of that will be coming out of our pockets.

I am genuinely concerned about Iran's moves, as that will be a game changer in this war.

With Lebanon's involvement apparently imminent with all that Hezbollah activity, Iran entering would mean another front and the straining of Israel's forces.

There is no way we allow Israel to fall, so it would be likely that, at the very least, we would provide air and naval support.

The real danger comes if we have to put boots on the ground because then Russia, China, or North Korea could get involved. If any one of them joins this fight, we have a World War on our hands.

About Jerry McConway

Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians his followers support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

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