Investigation Reveals D.C. Brothel Has ‘Impeccable’ Records Of Politicians, Officials Served

 November 24, 2023

A recent bust by the Department of Justice has unveiled a sophisticated prostitution ring.

An elaborate prostitution operation that catered to influential figures was dismantled earlier this month, unearthing over $1 million in proceeds and a detailed account of the operation’s transactions.

Three Korean nationals, 41-year-old Han Lee, 68-year-old James Lee, and 30-year-old Junmyung Lee, were arrested on November 8th. The trio allegedly serviced politicians, military officials, and government contractors through their illicit network. The operations were conducted from luxury apartments located in Massachusetts and Virginia.

Unveiling a Meticulously Run Operation

During the arrests, authorities discovered detailed ledgers tracking appointments, services, pricing, and earnings of the sex workers. One such ledger, found open at the time of the search, meticulously listed the women's stage names, appointment dates and times, and earnings.

Large sums of cash, money orders, gift cards, phones, and condoms were found in the apartments, painting a vivid picture of the operation’s scale. Junmyung Lee's apartment, where he allegedly booked appointments, was located to contain these ledgers, cash, and electronics.

The exhaustive nature of the operation was further revealed by an appointment book that showed a sex worker who worked a grueling schedule of 10 hours with only a 1-hour break. However, the identities of any clients have not been publicly released as of yet.

Impeccable Record-Keeping Unearthed

In an affidavit submitted by the Department of Homeland Security Special Agent Zachary Mitlitsky, Han Lee’s financial and business record keeping was described as "impeccable." This notion is supported by the meticulous records detailing the daily activity of the brothels.

The affidavit stated:

“During these communications, Han not only listed a brief description of the anticipated customers, expected sexual services and corresponding pricing, and schedule of appointments for the day but also set forth what I believe to be her house rules for commercial sex workers engaging in sex for a fee at the brothel apartments.”

These revelations about the operation were made on November 16th, eight days after the initial arrests. Detention hearings are now scheduled, and an ongoing investigation into the prospective buyers of sex services is underway.

Border Policies Under Scrutiny in Prostitution Ring Case

According to a statement from Breitbart News, Han Lee, 41, James Lee, 68, and Junmyung Lee, 30, established their operation due to relaxed border controls under President Joe Biden’s administration. This aspect of the case focuses on immigration policies and their unintended consequences.

An affidavit related to the case provides a glimpse into the operational details of the ring.

The affidavit read:

"Han maintained ledgers detailing the daily activity of her brothels. At the time of the search warrant execution, one such ledger was open to a page showing the stage names, appointment dates and times, and earnings of the women,"

The precise and detailed nature of these records suggests a high level of organization and sophistication in the operation of the brothels. The meticulous record-keeping and management practices of the ring are evident from the documents seized.


  • A high-profile prostitution ring run by three Korean nationals was dismantled, revealing over $1 million in proceeds and detailed records of the operation.
  • The ring, which serviced politicians, military officials, and government contractors, operated out of luxury apartments in Massachusetts and Virginia.
  • Detailed ledgers tracking appointments, services, pricing, and earnings of the sex workers were discovered during the arrests.
  • An ongoing investigation into the identities of the high-profile clients is underway.

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