Investigation Destroys Biden Admin’s ‘False’ Border Narrative

 January 21, 2024

Mary Rooke, a columnist for the Daily Caller, has recently voiced strong criticism against the Biden administration's narrative on border issues. In a podcast appearance, she expressed her concerns about the treatment of border agents and the ongoing migrant crisis. Joe Biden was caught with spreading false information on the border crisis.

Mary Rooke's comments came during her appearance on the "Rod Arquette Show," where she tackled the complexities and challenges facing U.S. border agents amidst a surge in migrant crossings.

Rooke spoke about the viral photograph that falsely depicted border agents using whips against migrants. This image had previously led to public outcry and condemnation from President Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. However, subsequent investigations refuted these claims, raising questions about the administration's handling of border security information.

According to Rooke, these false narratives have significantly impacted the morale and effectiveness of border agents. She emphasized that agents are stretched thin, grappling with an unprecedented migrant crisis while also facing public scrutiny based on misinformation.

Rooke further argued that the Biden administration's approach to border policy tends to evoke emotional reactions, which she believes influences public opinion and policy decisions. This, she contends, leads to an oversimplified view of the border situation, ignoring the complex realities of illegal immigration and its consequences.

Impact of the Border Crisis on Individuals

Highlighting the adverse effects of illegal immigration, Rooke pointed to several incidents. One involved an alleged sexual assault on an autistic 20-year-old woman, Kayla Hamilton, by an illegal immigrant.

Another case included an elderly woman defrauded of $100,000 by an illegal immigrant from India, Daily Caller reported.

These incidents, according to Rooke, contradict the commonly held narrative that the majority of illegal immigrants are families seeking a better life. Instead, she suggested that human trafficking and criminal activities are significant aspects of the current border crisis.

The situation at the southern border has been a point of contention, with record-high migrant crossings reported during the Biden administration. House Republicans have expressed their concerns, reflecting the growing political divide over how to address this complex issue.

A Closer Look at the Border Narrative

Rooke's comments underscore a deepening skepticism towards the administration's portrayal of the border crisis. She believes that a lack of honesty in the government's narrative undermines public trust and exacerbates the challenges faced by border agents.

"We have a really great reporter, Jennie Taer, who is on the border frequently, and talks to the border patrol agents frequently. And they are fed up and they’re maxed out. They continue to do that to the American people because, it pushes the boundaries of eliciting that emotional response. If you can get a massive group of people to believe that you hold the high — the moral high ground on a subject, then you can control what policies that they’ll support."

Her assertion that emotional responses are being manipulated to shape policy debates adds another layer to the discourse on immigration policies and their implications for national security and social stability.

Rooke's critique extends beyond just the border agents' plight. She draws attention to the broader implications of open border policies, suggesting that they may not adequately address the complexities of immigration and could potentially lead to unintended consequences.

Reflecting on the Border Crisis

The incidents cited by Rooke, such as the alleged assault on Kayla Hamilton and the financial fraud by an illegal immigrant, serve as poignant examples of the potential risks associated with unregulated immigration.

These examples not only highlight the human cost of the crisis but also challenge the predominant narrative of immigration as solely a humanitarian issue.

Rooke's perspective suggests a need for a more nuanced approach to border policy, one that considers both the humanitarian aspects and the security concerns.


Mary Rooke's critical stance on the Biden administration's handling of the border crisis raises important questions about the accuracy of public narratives, the impact on border agents, and the broader implications for immigration policy.

Her comments reflect a growing debate over the best approach to managing the complex and often contentious issue of border security and immigration reform.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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