Innocence Project Takes Scott Peterson Case, Challenging Decades Old Conviction

 January 19, 2024

A two-decade-old murder case takes an unexpected turn.

The Los Angeles Innocence Project has taken on the case of Scott Peterson, convicted in 2004 for killing his wife and unborn child.

Reviving a Notorious Case

Peterson's conviction in 2004 for the murders in 2002 has been a subject of controversy and debate. The overturning of his death sentence in 2020 due to juror screening issues reignited interest in the case.

In January 2023, the LA Innocence Project, renowned for its work in overturning wrongful convictions, took on Peterson's case. The Project's involvement suggests a potential turning point in the long-standing narrative of Peterson's guilt.

The Project has filed new motions focusing on DNA testing and discovery of evidence. This step echoes their successful strategy in exonerating Maurice Hastings in 2022 after over 38 years of wrongful imprisonment.

Exploring New Avenues

Scott Peterson's legal team is suggesting a new angle in their investigation. They are concentrating on a burglary near the Peterson home around the time Laci disappeared. This direction could provide fresh insights into the case.

The LA Innocence Project stated, "represents Scott Peterson and is investigating his claim of actual innocence." This commitment demonstrates their dedication to uncovering truth and justice, regardless of the case's notoriety or the time elapsed since the conviction.

Peterson's request for a new trial in December 2022 was denied despite the significant developments and findings since his original trial. This denial emphasizes the complexities and challenges involved in revisiting high-profile criminal cases.

Examining the Implications

The Peterson case has been a subject of intense media scrutiny and public interest for over two decades. The involvement of the Innocence Project brings a new perspective and methodologies to the case, potentially reshaping public understanding.

The Innocence Project's approach focuses on the individual case and the broader implications for the legal system. They aim to address issues like the misuse of forensic evidence and advocate for higher standards in the criminal justice system.

According to ABC, which first reported the Innocence Project's involvement, comments from Peterson's current and former lawyers suggest the new effort may focus on a burglary near the family's home in Modesto, Calif., around the time Laci Peterson disappeared.

Seeking Justice in the Legal System

The LA Innocence Project's mission is critical in highlighting and correcting miscarriages of justice. Their work in the Peterson case represents a larger commitment to ensuring the integrity of the legal system.

Their focus on using forensic evidence appropriately and pushing for improvements in the criminal legal system is vital for the advancement of justice. This is especially true in cases like Peterson's, where new evidence and techniques may provide different perspectives on the events that occurred.

The Project's statement about its mission underscores its commitment. They aim "to exonerate the wrongly convicted; free the wrongfully incarcerated; uncover and remedy past misuse of forensic and other scientific evidence in the courtroom," and improve standards in the criminal legal system.

Reflecting on the Peterson Saga

Scott Peterson's case has been a dramatic saga spanning over two decades. It began with Laci Peterson's disappearance in December 2002 and Scott Peterson's subsequent charge with murder in April 2003 after Laci's body was found.

The case took a significant turn in November 2004 when Peterson was convicted of murder after two jurors were dismissed during deliberations. He was sentenced to death in December 2004, a sentence that was overturned in 2020 due to issues with juror screening.

As the LA Innocence Project embarks on this high-profile investigation, their efforts could potentially alter the course of Scott Peterson's story, challenging the conviction that has stood for nearly two decades.


The Los Angeles Innocence Project's adoption of Scott Peterson's case has rekindled discussions and examinations into a murder case that has remained in the public eye for twenty years. Their commitment to scrutinizing the evidence, challenging the verdict, and seeking forensic truth speaks to a broader aim of ensuring justice within the legal system.

The refusal of a new trial for Peterson, despite the advancements in investigative techniques and the overturning of his death sentence, illustrates the intricate hurdles involved in high-profile cases. However, the Project's dedication to justice remains undeterred in its quest to advocate for those wrongfully convicted and foster improvements in legal standards.

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