Images Released of Cocaine Discovered In White House

 November 14, 2023

In an astonishing development, the Daily Mail has revealed exclusive photos of cocaine discovered within the hallowed confines of the White House on July 2, 2023.

An 11-day investigation ensued, yet the person responsible for the illicit substance, contained in a small plastic bag, has not been identified from a list of fewer than 500 suspects.

Unraveling the Mystery

Cocaine, an illegal substance known for its destructive effects, prompted an evacuation and extensive investigation of the White House when it was discovered. As the investigation led by Deputy FBI Director Paul Abbate began, the Biden family's absence at Camp David, a presidential retreat, was duly noted, with Hunter Biden's past drug use coming under scrutiny by critics.

However, there seems to be no direct evidence linking Hunter Biden to the cocaine found. The investigation broadened to include all who had access to the White House.

The bag, containing less than a gram of cocaine, became the center of this investigation. Unfortunately, no usable fingerprints were found on it, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing inquiry.

Photos Uncover Disturbing Reality

Photos of the cocaine, released by the Daily Mail following a successful Freedom of Information Act request, bring home the reality of the situation. The White House, an emblem of national pride and governmental integrity, was the unexpected scene of this drug discovery.

The photos, which do not reveal the exact location of the find within the White House, have stirred a national discussion on the security measures in place and the potential implications of this incident.

Despite the diligent efforts of the investigation team, the lack of clear video footage from security cameras has been a significant obstacle. The poor angles of the cameras have prevented further narrowing down the list of suspects.

Investigation Progress and Challenges

Over 11 days, the investigation team painstakingly analyzed the available clues. The list of suspects was cut down to fewer than 500 individuals, all of whom had access to the White House on July 2. However, the culprit still remains unknown.

Deputy FBI Director Paul Abbate, leading the investigation, faces the daunting task of identifying the person responsible from among the suspects, a task made more challenging by the scarcity of clear evidence.

As the nation watches, the question on everyone's mind is how such an incident could occur in the White House and what consequences it might have for national security and public trust.


  • The discovery of cocaine in the White House occurred on July 2, 2023, leading to an extensive investigation.
  • Photos of the cocaine were made public by the Daily Mail after a FOIA request.
  • The investigation, led by Deputy FBI Director Paul Abbate, narrowed the suspects to fewer than 500 people.
  • Poor security camera angles and lack of usable fingerprints on the bag have hindered the investigation.
  • The Biden family, including Hunter Biden, were at Camp David when the discovery was made.
  • Critics have pointed to Hunter Biden's past drug use, although no direct evidence links him to the cocaine found.
  • The discovery has sparked a national dialogue about drug use and its implications for society and national security.

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