Hunter Claims His Father Wasn’t Financially Involved

 December 13, 2023

The political landscape was shaken as Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, made a notable appearance on Capitol Hill.

Hunter Biden defied a subpoena for a closed-door deposition, opting for a public hearing to defend his family against what he termed "illegitimate investigations."

Originally scheduled to testify privately before Congress on Wednesday morning, Hunter Biden found himself at the center of a heated controversy. Faced with a subpoena and threats of being held in contempt by Congressional Republicans, he chose a different path.

Public Statement on Capitol Hill

Arriving later than planned, Biden addressed the media, setting the stage for a public hearing. His decision to speak publicly rather than in a closed deposition was a strategic move, signaling his intent to clear the air regarding his and his father's involvement in his business dealings.

"My father was not financially involved in my business, not as a practicing lawyer, not as a board member of Burisma," Hunter Biden asserted, challenging the accusations and suspicions that have swirled around his family.

This statement was in direct response to the narrative promoted by House Republicans, who have been vocal in their skepticism about the Biden family's business engagements.

Republican Response and Impeachment Plans

The Republican-led House Judiciary Committee was quick to respond, casting doubt on Hunter Biden's claims and emphasizing their readiness to pursue the matter further. The Committee's skepticism was evident in their remarks, insisting that Hunter's claims be made under oath.

"No one believes that. Hunter Biden is welcome to come say that under oath at his deposition today."

The political drama doesn't end with Hunter Biden's testimony. House Republicans, bolstering their offensive, plan to move forward with an impeachment inquiry vote against President Joe Biden.

Acknowledgment of Personal Mistakes

Amidst the political and legal tussle, Hunter Biden took a moment to reflect on his journey. Acknowledging his past mistakes and wasted opportunities, he presented himself as a man aware of his flaws but committed to setting the record straight.

This candid admission added a human element to the unfolding political drama, painting a picture of a person grappling with personal challenges while caught in the crosshairs of a high-stakes political battle.

However, the acknowledgment of his missteps did little to sway the staunch stance of the House Republicans, who remained focused on the broader implications of the Biden family's business dealings.

The Ongoing Political Saga

The events of Wednesday represent a significant chapter in an ongoing political saga involving the Biden family. The day began with expectations of a closed-door deposition but quickly evolved into a public spectacle with broader political implications.

As Hunter Biden took to the media, the narrative shifted from a legal proceeding to a public defense, with Hunter vehemently denying any financial involvement of his father in his business dealings.

The Republican response, simultaneously casting doubt on Hunter's claims and pushing for an impeachment inquiry, underscores the deeply polarized nature of current American politics.

Broader Political Implications

The unfolding events have far-reaching implications, not just for the Biden family but for the political landscape as a whole. The tension between the Biden family and House Republicans reflects deeper divides within the country.

The potential impeachment inquiry against President Biden marks a significant escalation in this ongoing political struggle, with both sides gearing up for what promises to be a protracted and contentious battle.

As the nation watches, the lines between personal, legal, and political issues continue to blur, creating a complex and dynamic situation that will undoubtedly have lasting impacts.


The day's events on Capitol Hill were a significant moment in the ongoing narrative surrounding the Biden family and their business dealings. Hunter Biden's choice to opt for a public hearing instead of a private deposition and his subsequent statements have added new dimensions to the political discourse.

  • Hunter Biden defies subpoena for closed-door deposition, chooses public hearing instead.
  • Claims made by Hunter Biden about his father's non-involvement in his business.
  • House Republicans' skeptical response and plans for impeachment inquiry against President Biden.
  • Hunter Biden's acknowledgment of personal mistakes amidst political turmoil.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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