Hunter Biden’s Trial Related To Gun Charges To Being Before Tax Trial

By Victor Winston, updated on March 14, 2024

In an unfolding drama that has captured national attention, Hunter Biden is poised to confront a legal challenge that could potentially reshape his future.

Hunter Biden is scheduled to face trial on three felony gun charges on June 3, closely followed by another trial on nine tax charges beginning June 20, following the disintegration of a plea agreement, Daily Wire reported.

These forthcoming judicial proceedings derive from a breakdown in negotiations meant to resolve the accusations levied against him in a single stroke, thrusting Biden into the spotlight of legal scrutiny.

Biden's Troubled Firearm Purchase Leads to Legal Battle

The onset of legal troubles commenced when Biden allegedly made a firearm purchase under dubious circumstances. It is claimed that in October 2018, he became the owner of a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver while his drug usage should have prohibited such an acquisition. Accusations level against him include falsifying federal forms about his drug use to facilitate the purchase. This occurrence has sparked a trial focused on the charges related to the firearm, anticipated to last no longer than a week.

Delaware U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika has an integral role in overseeing the proceedings and deciding on the validity of the previous plea agreement's applicability to the gun charges. Biden's defense argues that the terms of the now-dissolved agreement should exempt him from facing these charges, underscoring the complexity of the case.

Amidst Legal Wrangling, a Plea Deal Falls Apart

Judge Maryellen Noreika's words from the status hearing shed light on the pending decisions about the plea agreement's relevance to the current charges. "Judge Noreika said during Wednesday’s status hearing that she has been ‘working through the motions,’ adding, ‘I haven’t completely figured out what I’m going to do with all of them.’" This statement foretells the uncertainty and gravity of the decisions to be made, which could significantly affect the course of the trials.

Following closely on the heels of the gun charges trial, Biden is set to face allegations of tax evasion. These second set of charges claim an evasion of over $1 million in taxes across several years, a serious accusation that paints a complex financial portrait to be dissected in court. The back-to-back nature of these trials underlines the seriousness with which these allegations are being pursued.

Behind the legal maneuvers and evidence gathering lies Special Counsel David Weiss, the appointed authority spearheading the investigation since August 2023. His role is pivotal, orchestrating the proceedings against Biden and bringing to light the details of the charges faced by the defendant. The assignments of such trials are reflective of an intricate legal system at work, aiming to ascertain truth and serve justice.

Exploring the Allegations: Firearms and Finances

The debate over Biden's legal issues extends well beyond the legal proceedings, igniting conversations about responsibility, the rule of law, and how personal actions can shape public opinion. The firearm at the center of the controversy, which Biden owned for about 11 days, is a pivotal element of the charges against him and brings up concerns about transparency and compliance with federal regulations.

The tax case adds another dimension to Biden's legal troubles, with charges that suggest a deliberate effort to dodge paying a considerable amount of taxes. This facet of the case closely examines Biden's financial history, scrutinizing years of financial activity and tax filings to determine the validity of these claims.

Amid the detailed scrutiny regarding the gun and tax allegations, the contrasting positions of the defense and the prosecution weave a complex tapestry of legal and moral issues. The verdicts of these trials have the potential to not only alter Biden's fate but also to affect the broader conversation around responsibility and fairness in cases involving prominent figures.

As the trial dates approach, the anticipation and critical attention they attract are mounting. With the disintegration of the plea deal intended to settle these matters privately, a stage has been set for a public legal showdown that's expected to be under the microscope and hotly contested. The trials, scheduled to begin on June 3 and June 20 for the gun and tax charges, respectively, come on the heels of unsuccessful negotiations and legal maneuvering, placing Hunter Biden at a significant and challenging juncture in his legal journey.


In conclusion, Hunter Biden faces a critical juncture with impending trials for gun and tax charges following the fallout of a plea agreement. The dual legal challenges encompass allegations of unlawful firearm possession amidst drug use and complex accusations of tax evasion, underlining a narrative filled with legal, ethical, and financial questions. As these trials approach, the spotlight on Biden, the legal system, and the implications of the outcomes grows ever brighter, awaiting resolutions that will undeniably leave a lasting imprint on the landscape of justice and public opinion.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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