Hunter Biden’s ‘Sugar Brother’ Targeted By GOP Investigators

 December 17, 2023

The controversy surrounding Hunter Biden's financial dealings with Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris intensifies as GOP investigators delve deeper.

Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, known for supporting the Democratic Party, is under scrutiny for ostensibly lending millions to Hunter Biden to settle his back taxes.

Following their initial meeting, Morris began providing financial support to Biden, raising eyebrows among observers. This support included significant amounts earmarked for paying off Biden’s tax liabilities. The nature of their relationship has become a focal point for Republican investigators.

Financial Ties Between Morris and Biden Questioned

Aside from tax payments, Morris's financial aid extended to other aspects of Hunter Biden's lifestyle. He reportedly covered expenses such as private flights and residential rent, further entangling their financial relationship.

These revelations come amidst an ongoing investigation by the Justice Department into Hunter Biden's financial dealings and possible criminal activities. The extent of Morris's involvement and the potential implications are central to the probe.

The Republicans' efforts to question Morris directly have faced obstacles, as access to him for testimony proves challenging. This difficulty has only added to the intrigue and speculation surrounding the case.

Public Display Challenges Congressional Processes

In a recent development, Hunter Biden bypassed a deposition related to Republican investigations, opting for a public appearance instead. He held a press conference outside Congress, significantly with Kevin Morris at his side, challenging the norms of congressional inquiry.

One IRS whistleblower commented, "They [Biden and Morris] just got to know each other about two months before he paid roughly $2 million into Hunter Biden's tax returns, but he had been known as a big Democrat supporter and donor Hollywood attorney." This statement points to the rapid development of their financial relationship. Bartiromo told Smith:

"It's amazing that [he] could go defy a congressional subpoena, set up shop right in front of the steps of the Capitol, do a press conference with the guy who's helped pay all this stuff out and then walk away. That's it. We're not getting your deposition"

The blatant disregard for congressional protocol by holding a press conference instead of attending a deposition has drawn criticism and allegations of a double standard in the justice system.

Timeline of Events Highlights Concerns

The timeline of events surrounding Hunter Biden and Kevin Morris adds a layer of complexity to the case. In February 2020, an email from Morris warned of the political risks associated with filing Biden's tax returns.

Throughout 2020, Morris began his financial support of Hunter. Fast forward to 2023, IRS whistleblowers have brought to light potential campaign finance issues related to these transactions.

Furthermore, Hunter Biden's decision to skip a deposition in 2023, opting for a press conference with Morris, has raised questions about the transparency and accountability of their actions.

Political Implications and Public Perception

The ongoing scrutiny of Hunter Biden's financial ties with Morris holds significant political implications, given the high-profile nature of the individuals involved. The situation has been a source of contention between the two major political parties in the United States. The relationship between Hunter Biden and Kevin Morris, encompassing financial support and shared public appearances, continues to fuel political integrity and justice.

  • Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris financially supported Hunter Biden, including tax payments and lifestyle expenses.
  • The Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden's finances for potential crimes.
  • Republicans face challenges in questioning Morris and have raised concerns about a two-tiered justice system.
  • Hunter Biden’s public defiance of a congressional subpoena and his association with Morris has added to the controversy.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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