Hunter Biden's Proposed Meeting With Chinese Executive During Memorial Service Disclosed

 May 28, 2024

Hunter Biden, son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, suggested setting up a meeting between his father and a Chinese executive in 2017.

According to Daily Wire, the proposal came to light amidst a broader impeachment investigation that examines potential corruption linked to Joe Biden's possible involvement in his son's foreign business dealings.

The Revelation From WeChat Messages

The proposed meeting, outlined in messages exchanged on WeChat, was intended to include Joe Biden and Lui Yadong, an executive from the Chinese energy company CE QuoteFC.

These messages were part of a batch of documents the House Ways and Means Committee revealed. The materials originated from IRS agents who had expressed concerns regarding the handling of the federal investigation into Hunter Biden.

According to the messages, Hunter Biden invited Lui Yadong to meet during a memorial service commemorating the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting's anniversary, which Joe Biden was scheduled to attend. However, it remains uncertain whether this meeting ever took place.

Another issue arose from Hunter Biden's interactions with Henry Zhao, another CEFC executive. Hunter aggressively demanded money over an unfulfilled financial promise, which led to a significant transaction. Days after his demand, over $5 million was transferred from accounts linked to CEFC to accounts associated with Hunter Biden.

Controversial Financial Exchanges and Allegations

The exchanges and timing have raised eyebrows, especially as they were brought to public attention when Joe Biden is facing an impeachment inquiry. The inquiry seeks to determine the extent of the former Vice President's awareness or involvement in his son's business dealings abroad.

Former business associate Tony Bobulinski's testimony to Congress provided further insight into the discrepancies in Hunter Biden's accounts with lawmakers. This testimony has become a critical element of the ongoing impeachment proceedings.

Additionally, Hunter Biden has faced legal troubles outside of these financial inquiries. He was recently indicted on gun and tax charges, to which he has pled not guilty. Complicating matters, he admitted during congressional testimony that his judgment was impaired by drug and alcohol use at the time of some incidents.

Legal and Political Ramifications

This complex web of events has thrown Joe Biden's administration into a precarious position as the impeachment inquiry unfolds. The opposing parties are keen on dissecting every piece of evidence that could link Joe Biden to his son's business dealings, potentially influencing the outcomes legally and politically.

The continuous unraveling of these incidents paints a broader picture of the challenges faced by political families in maintaining personal and professional boundaries. As the trial and further investigations continue, more details will emerge, which could further affect public and political perceptions.

In summarizing, while Hunter Biden proposed a potentially inappropriate meeting during a sensitive period, and his financial transactions drew legal attention, the broader implications involve scrutinizing Joe Biden's role and the impact on his career.

As developments continue to unfold, the political landscape may see significant shifts depending on the outcomes of the impeachment inquiry and associated legal challenges.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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