Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Invoked Attorney Privilege 17 Times

 January 24, 2024

A high-profile legal saga captures national attention.

Kevin Morris, Hollywood lawyer to Hunter Biden, has drawn scrutiny for his extensive reliance on attorney-client privilege while being questioned regarding his financial interactions and dealings with Biden.

Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, known for representing Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has become controversial in recent depositions. Morris, who began his legal counsel shortly after a December 2019 fundraiser for Joe Biden, has invoked attorney-client privilege numerous times. His evasions particularly concerned his initial meeting with Hunter Biden, the payments made to Biden's attorneys, and the orchestrating of Biden's public image.

Legal Entanglements And Financial Support

During his deposition, Morris declined to speak on several key issues, including the purchase of a company from Hunter Biden following Joe Biden's inauguration. This acquisition, Morris later admitted without revealing details, was made from a business perspective rather than as a legal counsel. Yet, he also confessed to a lack of in-depth knowledge about the company or its investments.

Morris has stated that he has not represented Hunter Biden directly for the past three years despite claiming a broad attorney-client relationship.

This contradiction came under fire as Morris described himself as acting like a general counsel within Hunter Biden's "virtual corporation," managing different aspects of his professional life. His financial support for Hunter Biden, which includes covering legal fees and other expenses, has raised potential ethical concerns under California Bar rules.

Political Implications And Bar Complaints

Morris' financial involvement with Hunter Biden comprised multimillion-dollar loans from 2020 to 2024. These loans, documented in promissory notes, were purportedly used to help Biden with tax debts and living expenses. Morris faced questions about whether his support was politically motivated, given his history as a Democratic donor and supporter of Joe Biden's presidential run.

Morris's lawyer responded to questions regarding the payment of Hunter Biden's legal fees with a steadfast invocation of attorney-client privilege. Further complicating the situation, IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler brought forth new evidence to the House Ways and Means Committee, highlighting potential political risks associated with Hunter Biden's tax filings.

“Emergency is off for today. Still need to file Monday – we are under considerable risk personally and politically to get the returns in,” Morris wrote in an email to Hunter Biden's accountant, acknowledging the political sensitivity tied to Joe Biden's presidential campaign.

Scrutiny From The Bar And Congress

America First Legal has filed a complaint with the California State Bar against Morris, alleging that his financial aid to a client could violate professional conduct rules. This action, coupled with the new evidence provided by Ziegler, has brought Hunter Biden's tax issues into sharper focus and has drawn congressional interest.

In an attempt to clarify his role and dismiss political motivations, Morris stated his perspective on the transaction involving the acquisition of Hunter Biden's company.

“I did the transaction because, you know, I evaluated it as a businessman, and I thought it was something that could be a very successful investment,” said Morris, distancing his financial decisions from his legal advisory role.


The narrative surrounding Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris and his client, Hunter Biden, involves a complex interplay of legal, financial, and political dimensions. Morris' frequent invocations of attorney-client privilege, particularly concerning his financial dealings and support for Biden, have prompted a complaint to the California State Bar and brought his actions under the microscope.

His role as a financial benefactor and business investor, alongside the political implications of his support for Biden, has further complicated the public's understanding of this case. As the legal and political communities continue to unravel the implications of Morris' actions, the effects on professional standards and political transparency remain to be seen.

About Robert Cunningham

With years of experience at the forefront of political commentary, Robert Cunningham brings a blend of sharp wit and deep insight to his analysis of American principles at the Capitalism Institute.

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