Hunter Biden's Firearm Resurfaces In Court After Six-Year Disappearance

 June 6, 2024

A missing revolver linked to Hunter Biden emerged in court after six years, leading to renewed scrutiny and legal battles.

Hunter Biden’s trial involving a missing firearm discarded in a Delaware dumpster brings new evidence and testimonies to light.

The case took a dramatic turn when prosecutors from the Justice Department presented the long-missing weapon in court. According to Breitbart News, this firearm was allegedly tossed into a dumpster by Hallie Biden, Hunter’s ex-lover, who found it in his pickup truck. Hunter Biden's Text messages contradict the Secret Service's official statements, which claimed no involvement in the incident.

Involvement of Secret Service and FBI in the Incident

Text messages revealed by Breitbart News in 2021 suggest that the Secret Service, FBI, and local police were all present at the scene where the firearm was found. This conflicts with the Secret Service's earlier statements denying any involvement. The gun store owner who sold the weapon to Hunter Biden also plays a crucial role in this case. He reportedly refused to provide paperwork to the Secret Service, fearing it would be hidden from public scrutiny.

During the court proceedings, former gun shop employee Gordon Cleveland inspected the weapon and verified it immediately. Cleveland, who sold the gun to Hunter Biden in 2018, testified about the purchase process and Hunter’s actions at the time.

Hunter Biden's Gun Purchase and Drug Use

Cleveland's testimony provided details about Hunter Biden's gun purchase, including how he advised Hunter to carefully fill out the federal form. Despite being a user of illegal drugs at the time, Hunter marked “no” on the form’s question about drug use. Photos from Hunter’s abandoned laptop from that period show evidence of his drug use.

Hunter Biden faces multiple charges, including making a false statement during the purchase of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a user of illegal drugs, and another false statement related to information required by a federal firearms dealer. Cleveland testified about his experience with Hunter during the gun purchase and subsequent discussions about ammunition.

Details of Ammunition and Prosecution’s Theory

Prosecutor Hines questioned Cleveland about the specifics of the ammunition sold to Hunter Biden. They discussed the differences between full metal jacket bullets for target practice and hollow point bullets for self-defense. Cleveland confirmed that Hunter opted for the hollow point bullets.

Hines presented a box of hollow point bullets matching those purchased by Hunter Biden to the jury. A photo of the box was displayed, adding to the prosecution’s argument that Hunter may have bought the gun for protection during drug deals.

Cleveland, who quit working at the sports store in 2021 due to health issues, will continue his testimony when the trial resumes. The case, United States v. Hunter Biden, continues to unfold with significant public and media attention.

Jury Inspection and Continuing Testimonies

During the trial, jurors closely inspected the revolver and ammunition, emphasizing the case's intensity. Cleveland’s verification of the weapon was a pivotal moment, reinforcing the prosecution's narrative. The trial's adjournment until Thursday allows time for further testimonies and evidence examination.

The trial's outcome could have significant implications for Hunter Biden and broader political repercussions. The case highlights the complexities of firearm regulations and the legal system’s handling of such high-profile incidents. As the trial progresses, more details are expected to emerge, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the missing gun and Hunter Biden’s actions.


The resurfacing of Hunter Biden’s missing revolver after six years has brought renewed attention to his ongoing legal battles. The involvement of multiple law enforcement agencies, contradictions in official statements, and testimonies about Hunter’s actions have added layers of complexity to the case. As the trial continues, the legal and political ramifications of this case will likely become more apparent.

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