Hunter Biden's Felony Gun Trial Dubbed Decisive

 June 3, 2024

Alex Marlow, Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart News and author of the book "Breaking Biden," appeared on Newsmax TV’s “Sunday Agenda” to discuss Hunter Biden’s upcoming trial on felony gun charges.

Marlow described the case as "open and shut," highlighting Hunter Biden's alleged involvement in dumping a gun and its potential implications for his father, President Joe Biden.

Marlow detailed Hunter Biden’s history of drug use, which led to his departure from the military, and mentioned that the weapon involved in the charges was found in a dumpster. Haley Biden, related to Hunter, allegedly disposed of the gun in the dumpster. Marlow further claimed that Hunter Biden’s legal issues seem mostly isolated to him and do not directly implicate President Joe Biden.

Hunter's Legal Troubles

Marlow explained that despite the straightforward nature of this case, it should be viewed in the broader context of Hunter Biden’s past actions.

He noted:

He clearly lied, Haley was a part of it. He’s had, of course, a long history of drug use, which is well known. It’s why he had to leave the military. And the weapon did end up in a dumpster and it appears pretty clear that Haley was involved with that. So this should be an open and shut case.

During the broadcast, Marlow also touched on vague reports suggesting government intervention on Hunter's behalf, adding a layer of intrigue to the already high-profile case. He emphasized that while this case is a distraction, it still merits attention due to Hunter Biden’s history of alleged corruption.

The conversation took an interesting turn when host Lidia Curanaj mentioned President Joe Biden's visit to Haley Biden, questioning its potential implications and how crucial Haley Biden's testimony could be in the trial.

Historical Context and Implications Explored

Marlow, who spent a year and a half researching the Bidens, recently published a New York Times bestseller titled "Breaking Biden." He underscored that this particular case, though significant, was not heavily covered in his book because it appears isolated from President Biden's direct involvement.

But I’ll tell you one thing here, which is a bit of a trap, and I spent a year and a half researching the Bidens, I put out a New York times best selling book called Breaking Biden about the Bidens. I only spent a couple of paragraphs on this case, and I’ll tell you why, it’s because this seems to be the only one that doesn’t directly implicate Joe.

Marlow's insights point to the potential strategy behind highlighting this case, considering it as a distraction from more serious allegations against Hunter Biden. This perspective sheds light on the complex web of political and legal challenges surrounding the Biden family.

Marlow's Perspective and Future Proceedings

On Newsmax TV's "Sunday Agenda," Alex Marlow discussed Hunter Biden's upcoming legal proceedings, emphasizing the straightforwardness of the case due to clear evidence. He highlighted the significant incident where Haley Biden allegedly disposed of a gun, which was later found in a dumpster.

Marlow also touched on Hunter Biden's troubled history and the intense scrutiny it attracts, noting that despite claims of the case being isolated, President Joe Biden's high profile adds public interest and potential political ramifications. As the trial date nears, these discussions help frame the expected legal arguments and underscore the ongoing controversies involving the Biden family.


Alex Marlow discussed Hunter Biden's upcoming trial on Newsmax TV, focusing on felony gun charges related to his past drug use and allegations involving Haley Biden disposing of a weapon. Marlow emphasized that the case seems straightforward but highlighted its separation from President Joe Biden despite some reports of government interference. The ongoing public interest in the trial stems from Hunter's controversial past and the potential political repercussions it could entail.

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