Hunter Biden Lashes Out and Claims People Want Him Dead

 December 9, 2023

Hunter Biden, in a podcast interview, accused Republicans of a plot against him to undermine his father’s presidency, while also launching a scathing critique of Elon Musk. Biden also acknowledged that they were trying to kill him.

During an episode of the “Moby Pod” podcast, hosted by the renowned musician Moby, Hunter Biden spoke candidly about his struggles with substance abuse and the political attacks he has endured.

Biden, who has been a frequent target for Republicans, expressed his belief that their criticism goes beyond political discourse.

Public campaign to cause relapse

Biden suggested that the Republicans' scrutiny was part of a broader agenda. He accused them of engaging in a “public campaign” to trigger a relapse in his battle with substance abuse.

This, he implied, was an effort to cause pain to his father, thus destabilizing Joe Biden’s presidency, Daily Wire reported.

He articulated a narrative where he is not the primary target, but rather a means to an end. Hunter Biden said, "I recognize that none of this is necessarily about me. They are trying to in their most illegitimate way, but rational way, they’re trying to destroy a presidency." He continued, "What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to kill me knowing that it will be a pain greater than my father could be able to handle and so therefore destroying the presidency in that way.”

Hunter Biden's view on Republicans' motivation

Further delving into the psyche behind these attacks, Hunter Biden described his perceived attackers as “very, very sick people”. He suggested that they might be projecting their traumas onto the public sphere, choosing to turn their pain into malevolence.

“These people are just sad, very, very sick people that have most likely just faced traumas in their lives, that they’ve decided that they are going to turn into an evil that they decide that they’re going to inflict on the rest of the world.”

His comments offer a glimpse into the personal toll that public scrutiny and political attacks can take, especially on individuals with a history of substance abuse. Biden's struggle with addiction has been well-documented over the years.

Critique of Elon Musk

The podcast interview also saw Hunter Biden turn his critical gaze towards Elon Musk. He labeled the tech mogul as the “dumbest smart person”, questioning Musk’s commitment to democratic principles and free speech.

Biden's criticism of Musk was blunt and unfiltered. He accused the Tesla and SpaceX CEO of being indifferent to the First Amendment and the democratic process.

He stated, "Elon Musk doesn’t care about the g*******n First Amendment. He doesn’t care about anybody but himself."

Hunter Biden's personal and political saga

The context of Hunter Biden's remarks is rooted in a complex mix of personal struggles and political controversies. His battles with substance abuse have been a topic of public discourse for years, often overshadowing his professional endeavors.

Republicans have consistently targeted Biden for his foreign business dealings, particularly in Ukraine and China. The discovery and subsequent leak of emails from his laptop in 2020 intensified the scrutiny, raising questions about his connections to his father's political career.

These developments have led to ongoing investigations by House Republicans, who have recently renewed their commitment to probing Hunter Biden's financial affairs.

The wider impact of the allegations

The accusations made by Hunter Biden in the podcast hold significance beyond their immediate context. They reflect the increasingly personal nature of political attacks in today’s polarized environment, where family members of public figures often become collateral damage in political battles.

His comments also underscore the challenges faced by individuals dealing with substance abuse, particularly when under the public eye. The intersection of personal health issues with political machinations can often lead to complicated and unintended consequences.

The interview sheds light on the mental and emotional strain that can result from being at the center of political controversies, especially for someone dealing with personal health issues.

Conclusion and reader engagement

Hunter Biden's recent statements on the "Moby Pod" podcast have stirred the political waters, bringing to light the intricacies of personal struggles amidst political strife.

His comments about Republicans' attempts to trigger a relapse in his substance abuse, and his harsh criticism of Elon Musk, reflect a deep-seated sense of personal and political conflict.

  • Hunter Biden accused Republicans of engaging in a campaign to cause his relapse.
  • He described his attackers as traumatized individuals turning to evil.
  • Biden criticized Elon Musk for his apparent lack of concern for democracy and free speech.
  • The interview highlights the personal toll of public scrutiny on individuals with a substance abuse history.
  • These developments are part of ongoing political and personal narratives surrounding Hunter Biden.

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