Hunter Biden Is Not In Bad Standing With DC Bar Association

 January 29, 2024

Hunter Biden's bar status stands unblemished amidst legal turmoil.

Hunter Biden maintains good standing with the District of Columbia Bar Association despite facing serious felony indictments for alleged income tax evasion.

Hunter Biden, a Yale Law School graduate, has been a member of the D.C. bar since 2007, yet his career now treads through a minefield of legal challenges. Facing accusations of evading more than a million dollars in income taxes, Biden's lifestyle is described as one financed by years of opulence. His troubles are compounded by a personal history of substance abuse, a past that has followed him into the public eye.

Comparing Legal Standards

The D.C. bar's code of conduct clearly states that illegal actions, particularly those involving fraud or failure to file an income tax return, can tarnish a lawyer's reputation and their fitness to practice law.

Yet, a conviction is not requisite for disciplinary action, as the suspension of Rudy Giuliani from the D.C. bar demonstrates, despite his not having a criminal conviction. The situation raises questions about the consistency of disciplinary enforcement within the bar association.

Alan Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School, has weighed in on the matter, suggesting an inquiry into Biden's bar status is warranted given his legal entanglements.

He has admitted to conduct that would probably constitute criminal behavior, use of drugs and things of that kind, so I think the bar would have to look into it. There is a double standard. Bar discipline has been weaponized by the left against the right.

The Bar's Code and Conduct

While never actively practicing law in D.C., Hunter Biden still holds his bar membership by paying an annual fee of $331.

His involvement with the law firm Boies Schiller Flexner LLP during his father's vice presidency adds a professional dimension to his profile. Nonetheless, Abbe Lowell's attorney has remained silent on these recent developments, offering no comment regarding the situation.

The D.C. Bar Association has a notable history of sanctioning attorneys for conduct violations even without a formal conviction. This history, juxtaposed with Biden’s current situation, suggests a nuanced approach to bar discipline that may not be uniformly applied. Critics like Dershowitz point to potential biases, hinting at a possible discrepancy in how discipline is administered.


Hunter Biden's status with the D.C. Bar Association remains intact despite the serious allegations of income tax evasion that could, in theory, lead to substantial prison time.

The D.C. bar's code of conduct, which decries illegal acts that reflect poorly on a lawyer's integrity, seems at odds with the lack of action taken against Biden, especially compared to other cases like Rudy Giuliani's suspension.

Whether this indicates a double standard or a more complex legal threshold for action is a matter of debate. The silence from Biden's attorney and the bar itself leaves the public and legal community pondering the consistency and fairness of bar discipline. The story continues to unfold as the legal and ethical implications of Hunter Biden's situation are scrutinized by professionals and the public alike.

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