Hunter Biden Attorney Turns On Former Clients, Raising Ethics Questions

 December 2, 2023

Abbe Lowell, representing Hunter Biden, has accused Republicans of disregarding the Trump family's business activities while focusing solely on the Bidens, leading to a contentious debate over ethics and conflicts of interest.

Lowell, a prominent Washington D.C. lawyer with a long history of representing high-profile clients, has been at the center of this developing story. His recent remarks have put a spotlight on the business activities of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who he represented from 2017 to 2019 while they were senior advisers in the Trump White House.

These comments have raised questions about the ethical boundaries lawyers must navigate when dealing with former and current clients.

Accusations Against the Republican Focus

Lowell's accusations stem from his belief that Republicans have been unfairly focusing on Hunter Biden's business dealings while ignoring similar concerns regarding the Trump family. He argues that this oversight is a significant lapse in ethical scrutiny. This stance has led to a broader discussion about the role of family members in political administrations and their business engagements.

During his time in the White House, Kushner, along with Ivanka Trump, maintained personal business interests, which have now become a point of contention, Washington Examiner reported.

Lowell's reference to these interests in his defense of Hunter Biden has raised eyebrows in legal circles, with some questioning the propriety of such a comparison.

The timeline of events is crucial in understanding the unfolding controversy. Lowell's representation of Kushner and Trump, and his subsequent references to them while representing Hunter Biden, form the backbone of the current debate.

Legal Ethics and Confidentiality at Stake

Legal experts have criticized Lowell's statements, suggesting that they may breach professional ethics and confidentiality obligations to former clients. Ethics rules in the legal profession strictly prohibit lawyers from using information from former clients to the detriment of those clients or to benefit current ones. This principle is at the heart of the current controversy.

It remains unclear whether Lowell formally ended his representation of Kushner and Trump before making these statements. This ambiguity adds another layer to the ethical considerations at play. The lack of clarity on this matter has fueled further debate about the appropriateness of Lowell's actions.

Regarding Lowell's statements, one critic noted, "It’s troubling that Abbe Lowell is suggesting the Committee investigate his former clients to help his current clients. That’s certainly not professional and raises legal ethics and bar rules questions.” This critique encapsulates the concern that Lowell might be leveraging his past client relationships for the benefit of his current client, a move seen as potentially unethical.

A History of High-Profile Legal Representation

Abbe Lowell's career as a high-powered lawyer in Washington D.C. spans several decades, during which he has represented a variety of famous clients. This extensive experience places him in a unique position, having insights into the inner workings of numerous political and legal scenarios.

The current controversy surrounding Lowell brings to light the delicate balance lawyers must maintain between advocating for their current clients and respecting the confidentiality and interests of their former clients. This situation highlights the complex ethical landscape in which attorneys operate, particularly in the politically charged atmosphere of Washington D.C.

Block quote: "You state that one of your purposes is to review how a President’s family’s business activities raise ethics and disclosure concerns to inform the basis for a legislative solution. But all your focus has been on this President’s family while turning a blind eye toward former President Trump and his family’s businesses, some of which the family maintained while serving in office—an area ripe to inform your purported legislative pursuits."

Unfolding Timeline of Events

The sequence of events is key to understanding the controversy. Lowell represented Kushner and Ivanka Trump, during which time they were actively involved in the Trump administration. It was during this period that they continued to maintain some personal business interests.

Lowell made an unnamed reference to Kushner and Trump, which initially did not garner much attention. However, his statements in August 2023 on MSNBC, where he noted the "difference" between Hunter Biden and the Trump children, brought the issue to the forefront. This week, his accusations against Republicans for overlooking the Trump family business concerns have intensified the debate.

Another quote from the news story highlights the concerns raised by Lowell's approach: "If Lowell is making this comparison based on confidences he learned while representing the Trump family, it would seem to be grounds for an ethics inquiry—he’s violating the duty of confidentiality."


  • Abbe Lowell, representing Hunter Biden, accuses Republicans of ignoring Trump family business concerns.
  • Lowell's previous representation of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump and their maintained business interests during their time in the White House is a focal point of the debate.
  • Critics argue Lowell's statements may violate legal ethics, particularly regarding duties of confidentiality to former clients.
  • The controversy raises questions about the ethical boundaries and responsibilities of lawyers in political and legal spheres.

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