Hunter Biden Appeared Sober During Gun Purchase, Testifies Salesman

 June 7, 2024

Hunter Biden's trial, revolving around the purchase of a firearm while allegedly addicted to crack cocaine, revealed various testimonies on his sobriety during the transaction.

The New York Post reported that a gun store salesman testified that Hunter Biden appeared sober when he bought a revolver as prosecutors prepare to rest their case on the fourth day of his firearm trial.

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is currently on trial facing criminal charges related to his 2018 revolver purchase. This case, being held in Wilmington, Delaware, is pivotal in determining whether Biden was under the influence of drugs during the purchase, the surrounding circumstances of his drug use, and the gun's subsequent discovery.

Witness Testimony: Hunter Biden Seemed Sober

Gordon Cleveland, a former part-time worker at StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply, testified that Hunter Biden did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he bought the firearm. Cleveland, who now drives a trash truck, stated he did not notice any signs of intoxication in Biden during the transaction.

Defense attorney Abbe Lowell questioned Cleveland about his experience with intoxicated customers. Cleveland affirmed that he saw no signs of Hunter being glassy-eyed or smelling of alcohol or marijuana.

"Not at all. You’re not supposed to be purchasing firearms if you’re on drugs, even if you have a medical marijuana card," Cleveland testified, underscoring the gun store's strict adherence to regulations.

Hallie Biden, Hunter's sister-in-law turned ex-lover, and other ex-partners provided testimony about Hunter's ability to appear sober despite being high on crack cocaine.

Evidence and Additional Testimonies Presented in Court

Edward Banner, an 80-year-old retiree, testified about finding the missing gun in a garbage bin after Hallie Biden threw it away. Surveillance video supported his testimony, showing Banner discovering the gun concealed in a pouch. Banner's discovery of the gun has been a focal point in the trial. His testimony and the surveillance footage provided a timeline of the gun's disappearance and recovery.

When asked if anyone in his household used cocaine, Banner responded, "Not that I know of," adding context to his discovery of the firearm. Prosecutors plan to call two more witnesses, a forensic chemist and a DEA special agent, aiming to complete their case. Questions about potential tampering with Hunter's gun application form were also raised during the trial.

Hunter Biden's Conduct and Observations in Court

Hunter Biden and his wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, have been attending the trial, with the jury reviewing surveillance footage related to the gun's discovery. The footage is crucial evidence, providing visual confirmation of Banner's testimony.

Gordon Cleveland, under cross-examination, provided a critical perspective on Hunter's condition during the gun purchase. He reiterated his observations, stating that Hunter did not exhibit any signs of intoxication at the time.

Hallie Biden’s testimony offered insights into Hunter's behavior while using drugs, describing instances where he functioned well despite being high. Her statements added a complex layer to understanding Hunter's state during the firearm purchase.


Hunter Biden's trial centers on his firearm purchase while allegedly addicted to crack cocaine, with various testimonies on his sobriety during the transaction. A gun store salesman testified that Biden appeared sober when buying the revolver as prosecutors prepare to rest their case. The trial, held in Wilmington, Delaware, examines whether Biden was under the influence of drugs during the purchase. Testimonies, including those from Biden's ex-partners and Hallie Biden, revealed that he could appear sober despite using drugs. The trial showcased the gun, ammunition, and evidence of Biden's lifestyle, with a key witness testifying about finding the gun in a garbage bin.


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