Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Backs Trump

By Victor Winston, updated on March 11, 2024

Political endorsements can sway public opinion, but it's rare to witness a foreign leader taking a clear stand in American electoral politics.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's overt backing of former President Donald Trump over current President Joe Biden for the 2024 Presidential election underlines an unusual intervention in domestic American politics.

According to the Washington Examiner, Viktor Orbán, who leads Hungary, has positioned himself unmistakably favoring Trump's return to the presidential office. During a gathering at Mar-a-Lago, Trump's property in Florida, Orbán and Trump delved into matters emphasizing the importance of secure borders and national sovereignty. This meeting, which took place over the weekend leading up to March 10, 2024, underscores a strengthening bond between the two leaders, known for their staunch stances on issues of nationalism and immigration.

Orbán's endorsement came through a video message shared on X (formerly Twitter), where he explicitly stated his preference for Trump's leadership. He argued that Trump's presidency would be more beneficial globally, including for Hungary. His stance echoed sentiments from a previous year, reciprocating Trump's prior support of Orbán's reelection campaign.

Orbán's Vision: A World Shaped by Trump's Leadership

In the shared video, Orbán claimed that the current global conflicts, including wars, would potentially not exist under Trump's administration. This statement has sparked discussions, considering the complex geopolitical landscape during Trump's term, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It is up to Americans to make their own decision, and it is up to us Hungarians to frankly admit it would be better for the world and better for Hungary too, if President Donald Trump were to return to power.

This sentiment signifies a bold declaration of political affinity and raises questions about the impact of international endorsements on American electoral politics. Critics and supporters alike are dissecting the implications, considering the tumultuous and divided climate of current global and domestic affairs.

President Joe Biden responded to Orbán's meeting with Trump, critiquing the Hungarian Prime Minister's skeptical views on democracy. Biden's comments highlight the ideological divides that run through American politics and extend internationally, affecting diplomatic relations and perceptions.

A History of Mutual Endorsement

The relationship between Trump and Orbán is not new. Trump's endorsement of Orbán's reelection campaign and Orbán's vocal support during Trump's legal challenges depict a mutual admiration that has been public and consistent over the years. Their alliance points to shared ideologies significantly influencing their political bases and international discourses on sovereignty, democracy, and nationalism.

As reported by Mike Brest on March 10, 2024, this unfolding endorsement story concerns not just the individuals involved but also the broader implications for international politics and the 2024 presidential election. Orbán's public support for Trump highlights the interconnectedness of global political ideologies and the role of international figures in shaping domestic electoral dialogues.

Despite differing opinions on the appropriateness of foreign leaders influencing American political landscapes, the solidarity between Orbán and Trump highlights the shifting dynamics of global political alliances. Their discussions on border security and national sovereignty resonate with a segment of voters concerned with these issues, potentially influencing electoral outcomes.


In conclusion, the endorsement of former President Donald Trump by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for the 2024 presidential election illustrates the complex interplay between domestic politics and international relations.

The meeting between the two leaders, their shared ideologies, and the public endorsement reflects their political alignment and signals a broader trend of populism and nationalism on the global stage. As the election draws closer, the impact of such international endorsements on the American electorate remains a subject of keen interest and debate.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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