Hundreds of Protesters Gather Outside Biden’s Delaware Home

 November 12, 2023

President Biden's return to his Wilmington home coincided with a large protest demanding his intervention in the Gaza conflict.

On Saturday, following his address on Veterans' Day, President Biden arrived at his Wilmington, Delaware residence.

Concurrently, the "Delaware Palestine March" was gaining momentum in the vicinity. The protesters, numbering in the hundreds, were there to voice their dissent against what they perceived as Biden's inaction in the ongoing Gaza crisis.

Protesters Accuse Biden of Genocide

The air was filled with chants of "Biden, Biden, you can't hide! We charge you with genocide!" These words echoed the protesters' deep frustration and accusation towards President Biden for not advocating for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. Their voices represented a growing dissatisfaction among certain sections of the American public regarding the administration's approach to foreign policy in conflict zones.

The call for action from the protesters centered around an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The ongoing ground invasion by Israel into Hamas-controlled territories has led to significant casualties and a humanitarian crisis, according to reports from the region. The protesters' demand is for the U.S. President to leverage his influence to initiate peace talks and end the violence.

Linda Sarsour, an activist and child of Palestinian immigrants, was among the prominent figures addressing the crowd. Her presence underscored the deep personal connections that many American-Palestinians feel towards the ongoing conflict.

U.S. and Israel's Stance on Ceasefire

As the protest continued, reports indicated that the U.S. acknowledged Israel's agreement to daily pauses in the fighting, allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza, Fox News reported.

However, this measure falls short of the protesters' demands for a complete ceasefire. The stance of both the U.S. and Israel has been to oppose an immediate ceasefire, a position that has sparked further controversy and debate both domestically and internationally.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with reports from the Hamas-run health ministry indicating over 10,300 Gazans, including civilians and Hamas members, have been killed in the ongoing conflict. The complexity of the situation is heightened by the presence of approximately 240 Hamas hostages, including 10 Americans, within the region.

This protest in Delaware is reflective of a broader global outcry against the violence in Gaza. It marks a pivotal moment where domestic U.S. politics intersect with international humanitarian concerns.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

The growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza has drawn international attention and condemnation. The high number of casualties, including civilians, in the ongoing conflict has raised questions about the proportionality and necessity of the military actions undertaken by Israel. This situation has further intensified the debate on the U.S. foreign policy approach towards Israel and Palestine.

Activists and human rights organizations have been particularly vocal in highlighting the plight of civilians caught in the crossfire. The daily pauses in fighting, while providing some relief, are seen as inadequate in addressing the larger issues of the conflict.

At the core of the protesters' demands is a plea for an immediate end to the violence and a sustainable path towards peace. Their voices join a chorus of global appeals for de-escalation and dialogue between the conflicting parties.

Protest Echoes Global Sentiments

The "Delaware Palestine March" is not just a local event; it resonates with the sentiments of many across the globe who are watching the Gaza situation with growing alarm. The protest, therefore, serves as a microcosm of the larger international debate on the conflict.

The choice of location for the protest – near President Biden's home – is symbolic, emphasizing the role the U.S. plays in international affairs and its potential to influence outcomes in global conflicts. The protesters' message is clear: they seek more than just a temporary pause in hostilities; they demand a comprehensive approach to resolving the conflict.

The presence of activists like Linda Sarsour at the protest highlights the personal and emotional dimensions of the conflict for many Americans, particularly those with ties to the region. Their participation brings a human face to the distant conflict and underscores the interconnectedness of global communities.

Impact of Protest on U.S. Foreign Policy

These protests, occurring in the heart of the U.S., may have implications for the country's foreign policy. As the Biden administration navigates complex international waters, the voices of its citizens, as heard in Delaware, could potentially influence its approach to the Gaza conflict.

The administration's current stance, as indicated by its

opposition to an immediate ceasefire and its acknowledgment of Israel's agreement to daily pauses in fighting reflects a delicate balancing act in international diplomacy. However, the pressure from domestic fronts, as seen in protests like the one in Delaware, might contribute to a reevaluation of these policies.

The situation remains fluid, with developments in Gaza closely watched by the international community. The outcome of these protests and the U.S. response to them could mark a significant moment in the history of U.S. foreign policy and its role in Middle Eastern politics.


  • President Biden's return to Delaware coincided with a significant protest demanding his intervention in the Gaza conflict.
  • Protesters accused Biden of genocide for not advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza, amid Israel's ground invasion of Hamas-controlled territories.
  • U.S. and Israel currently oppose an immediate ceasefire, despite the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  • The protest in Delaware is part of a broader global outcry against the violence and reflects the interconnectedness of global communities.

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