House Votes on Defunding Kamala Harris' Office

By Robert Cunningham, updated on November 9, 2023

House Republicans recently proposed a contentious amendment that sought to defund the office of Vice President Kamala Harris, citing dissatisfaction with her handling of border security.

However, the proposal was met with overwhelming disapproval, culminating in a 106-322 vote that effectively quashed the amendment.

Representative Mike Collins, a Republican hailing from Georgia, introduced this amendment to a significant government funding bill. His motivation, as reported, was largely linked to perceived lapses in the Vice President's approach to border security.

Unpacking the Contentious Amendment

The amendment, if passed, would have drastically cut all funding to the Office of the Vice President. The response underscored a growing tension among some Republicans over Harris's role in border security.

Despite the intense debate it sparked, the amendment was not expected to pass into law, even if it had garnered a majority vote in the House. The Senate and President Biden were unlikely to sanction such a move.

Rep. Collins was quite vocal about his reasoning behind proposing this amendment. He publicly criticized Vice President Harris's management of border security issues, stating, "Kamala Harris sucks at securing our border."

A Notable Pattern Among House Republicans

This move follows a pattern among House Republicans who have previously attempted to pass amendments to cut funding for various offices. Notably, the offices of the Transportation Secretary and the Defense Secretary have been targeted in the past, although these attempts also have had slim chances of enactment.

Earlier this year, Vice President Harris attracted criticism from some Republicans over her role in border security. This amendment seems to be an extension of that sentiment.

The proposal was introduced during the consideration of the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act, a major spending bill. The amendment, however, was voted down on the same day.

Examining the Aftermath of the Vote

The voting results revealed a strong bipartisan pushback against the proposed amendment. Most Republicans joined Democrats in opposing the measure, resulting in its decisive defeat. The text of Collins' proposed amendment was succinct, stating:

"None of the funds made available by this Act may be used for the salary or expenses of any officer or employee of the Office of the Vice President."

This attempt to defund the Vice President's office and its subsequent failure adds another layer to the ongoing political discourse around border security and budgetary allocations.

The Broader Implications of This Episode

The proposal and its outcome spotlight the deep-seated political disagreements that permeate discussions around border security. It also underscores the challenges faced by Vice President Harris in her role overseeing this contentious issue.

While the amendment was defeated, the conversation surrounding it has highlighted the ongoing tensions within the House. This incident serves as a potent reminder of the political fault lines in the US Congress over policy implementation.

As we move forward, it will be interesting to observe how this episode influences future legislative decisions and the broader discourse around border security.

In conclusion

  • House Republicans, led by GOP Rep. Mike Collins, proposed an amendment to defund the office of Vice President Kamala Harris due to dissatisfaction with her handling of border security.
  • The amendment was met with overwhelming disapproval, resulting in a 106-322 vote against it.
  • Even if the amendment had passed the House, it was unlikely to become law, as the Senate and President Biden would not approve it.
  • The proposed amendment was part of a pattern among House Republicans, who have previously attempted to cut funding for offices like the Transportation Secretary and Defense Secretary.
  • The proposal and its outcome underscore the deep-seated political disagreements around border security and highlight the ongoing tensions within the House.

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