House Republicans To Impeach Mayorkas On Two Articles

 January 28, 2024

The House Homeland Security Committee plans to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, citing his handling of the immigration crisis.

Secretary Mayorkas, who has been in office since February 2021, faces two specific articles of impeachment. These charges, brought forth by House Republicans, accuse him of a "Willful and Systemic Refusal to Comply with the Law" and a "Breach of the Public Trust."

The decision to move forward with impeachment proceedings was confirmed by House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Committee's Rigorous Scrutiny of Mayorkas' Tenure

Under Secretary Mayorkas' tenure, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implemented programs allowing certain immigrants to be paroled into the United States, despite not meeting legal standards.

This action is a central point in the accusations levied against him. Johnson has criticized Mayorkas for allegedly disregarding immigration laws, contributing to the ongoing border crisis.

The House Homeland Security Committee, now controlled by the GOP, has been actively examining Mayorkas' role and decisions. Their scrutiny includes 15 border-related hearings since 2023, specifically focusing on whether Mayorkas has failed in his duties.

Political Reactions: From Support to Criticism

Democrats have preemptively expressed their disapproval of the impeachment efforts. The White House, through its press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, labeled the effort as "shameful."

Similarly, a memo from the DHS described the impeachment move as "political games," accusing Republicans of not wanting to solve the underlying issues, Washington Examiner reported.

Amidst these political tensions, the articles of impeachment against Mayorkas will be discussed and potentially amended by the committee on Tuesday. If approved, they will advance to the House floor for further consideration.

Representative Mark Green, a vocal critic of Mayorkas, has been at the forefront of the impeachment call. He states, "These articles lay out a clear, compelling, and irrefutable case for Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' impeachment. It is time we take this affront to a coequal branch of government, to the Constitution, and to the American people seriously."

Timeline Leading to Impeachment Proceedings

Mayorkas' journey as the DHS Secretary began in February 2021. The following year, with the GOP gaining control of the House, investigations into his conduct commenced.

In the last year alone, the committee has held five hearings specifically focusing on Mayorkas' potential failures.

Recent developments include the announcement of the impeachment plan last week, followed by public statements from both the White House and DHS criticizing the effort. The upcoming committee meeting on Tuesday marks a pivotal moment in this unfolding political saga.


The outcome of Tuesday's meeting is awaited with bated breath, as it could set a precedent in how immigration policies and their enforcement are scrutinized and handled in the political realm.

The implications of these impeachment proceedings extend beyond the fate of Secretary Mayorkas, potentially impacting the future of immigration policy and enforcement in the United States.

The House Homeland Security Committee's decision to pursue impeachment against Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas represents a significant moment in U.S. politics.

The charges against Mayorkas, stemming from his handling of immigration issues, have sparked a heated debate across the political spectrum.

The upcoming committee meeting and potential House floor vote will be crucial in determining the trajectory of this high-stakes political drama.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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