House Republicans Subpoena Devon Archer's Records in Biden Probe

 April 7, 2024

In a significant escalation of the investigation into the Biden family's business transactions, House Republicans have taken decisive action.

According to Breitbart, Top House Republicans have subpoenaed business records linked to Devon Archer, a key associate of Hunter Biden, aimed at scrutinizing the Biden family's business dealings.

Simon Freakley, the CEO at the heart of the matter, found himself in an unexpected spotlight, following an unusual personal response to political events. In the aftermath of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential victory, Freakley reportedly offered counseling to his children, a fact that, while personal, underscores the charged atmosphere surrounding these events.

The House Oversight Committee, utilizing the social media platform X for its announcements, has placed the global advisory firm AlixPartners under the microscope. Devon Archer's July 2023 interview with investigators shone a light on the firm's possession of pertinent documents, despite Archer's claim of not directly owning the emails or text messages in question.

According to the committee's statement on X, "We along with @JudiciaryGOP are subpoenaing certain records in the possession, custody, or control of Devon Archer that are relevant to the impeachment inquiry." This subpoena is a clear indication of the committee's intent to delve deeply into the Archer-Biden connection.

A Glimpse Into the Biden-Archer Link

Devon Archer's relationship with the Biden family, particularly through his connection with Hunter Biden, has long been a subject of interest and speculation. Notably, Archer has previously testified about placing Joe Biden on speakerphone in front of business associates, a move that raises questions about the former vice president's involvement in his son's business affairs.

Moreover, the ongoing financial ties between Archer's family and investments initiated during Joe Biden's vice presidency add another layer to this complex narrative. Notably, these investments include stakes in BHR Partners, a Chinese investment firm, suggesting a vested, continuing interest in the outcomes of these business dealings.

The Legal Entanglements of Devon Archer

Complicating matters further is Devon Archer's legal battles. With the Supreme Court's refusal to hear his appeal in January 2024, Archer faces an impending prison sentence for fraud. This development marks a significant turn in Archer's story and could potentially impact the broader investigation into the Biden family's business activities.

In an excerpt from his interview transcript, Devon Archer discussed the whereabouts of relevant documents, emphasizing his lack of direct possession:

During the interview, Archer stated, "I don't have text messages, emails, or even a computer." Following up, he noted, "AlixPartners holds some documents through counsel, relevant to the dealings."

These records, now the subject of the House Republicans' subpoena, are believed to provide critical insight into the investigation. This inquiry centers not just on Hunter Biden but potentially on other members of the Biden family as well, including the current president.


As the subpoena for AlixPartners' records melds into the broader tapestry of the impeachment inquiry, it becomes clear that this investigation touches not only on legal and ethical considerations but also on the intricate webs of business and politics. The actions of House Republicans, the statements of Devon Archer, and the involvement of a prestigious global advisory firm all converge to paint a picture of a complex and deeply interconnected series of events.

The subpoena issued to AlixPartners for Devon Archer's records signals a firm step by House Republicans into the heart of the investigation into the Biden family's business dealings. Archer's anticipated legal challenges, his testimony regarding Joe Biden, and the curious actions of Simon Freakley of AlixPartners add layers of complexity to a story that is unfolding at the intersection of politics, law, and international business. As developments continue to emerge, the implications for all involved remain significant and far-reaching.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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