House Panel Criticizes Biden Administration's Voter Registration Efforts in Michigan

 May 23, 2024

In a recent revelation, the House Committee on Small Business voiced significant concerns over a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between President Joe Biden's administration and the state of Michigan.

Fox News reported that the Committee suspects this MOU could be an unconstitutional and politicized attempt to enhance voter registrations in a pivotal swing state.

The March MOU between SBA and Michigan aims to boost civic engagement by training SBA staff on voter registration and eligibility, and online processes.

Michigan must provide training resources through its Voter Information Center and a unique URL for SBA visitors to register to vote. In-person voter registration is facilitated at SBA's Michigan field office events.

Allegations of Political Bias in Voter Registration Efforts

The Committee initiated investigations into the decision to facilitate voter registration at SBA events. Additionally, reports indicate that most of SBA's outreach events, held from January to April 2024, predominantly targeted counties with high concentrations of Democratic-leaning demographics, such as young and Black voters.

Observers noted significant increases in voter registrations in 11 out of 15 Michigan counties, which these groups notably populate. Consequently, this correlation raises questions about the impartiality of the federal initiative, suggesting a potential leveraging of SBA resources for political gains.

In response to these findings, Committee Chairman Roger Williams commented on the matter, stating, "Seeing the MOU with Michigan does nothing to ease our concerns about the SBA getting involved in federal elections. This agreement confirms that SBA employees are preparing to undergo training on how to register voters better rather than spend their time working to help struggling small businesses."

Officials Under Scrutiny for Non-Cooperation

The investigation has intensified; consequently, the Committee issued subpoenas in early May to SBA Chief of Staff Arthur Plews and Special Adviser Tyler Robinson. However, they failed to appear for scheduled interviews and did not submit demanded documents.

Moreover, the Committee's ongoing scrutiny aligns with President Biden's 2021 executive order, which aims to enhance access to voting. This connection directly links it to the activities now under scrutiny in Michigan.

Senator Joni Ernst expressed severe disapproval of how taxpayer money is being used in these efforts. She stated, "I will not tolerate this outrageous misuse and abuse of Americans' hard-earned tax dollars. Chairman Williams and I will continue to shine a light on the SBA and expose Biden's bad actors."

The SBA's involvement in voter registration, rather than primarily focusing on supporting small businesses, has sparked outrage and demands for accountability. Hence, Committee members and allied Senators strongly urge a reversal of these practices to preserve the integrity and primary objectives of the SBA.

"Main Street — and the American People — have a right to know what exactly is going on and how the SBA is spending their hard-earned tax dollars. I hope the SBA will be forthcoming with us and provide us with the requested documents as we continue our investigation into this matter."

In conclusion, the MOU between the SBA and Michigan represents a contentious point in the Biden administration's strategies to spur voter registration. Critics argue that this could be an overreach of governmental power, potentially swaying the agency's mission from aiding small businesses toward a more politically inclined objective. Consequently, this situation remains under heavy scrutiny as ongoing investigations are expected to reveal more details.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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