House GOP Majority Hangs by a Thread Amidst Wave of Resignations

By Victor Winston, updated on March 29, 2024

Unforeseen challenges face the Republican stronghold in the U.S. House of Representatives as key resignations thin their ranks.

A series of mid-term resignations has cast uncertainty over the Republican majority, making House Speaker Mike Johnson's task of maintaining control increasingly difficult.

When House Speaker Mike Johnson was taken aback by Rep. Ken Buck's resignation announcement on March 22, he surely did not anticipate it to be a sign of an exodus within the House GOP. According to CBS News, this departure marked the beginning of a seemingly sudden trend that could potentially destabilize the delicate balance of power in the House.

A mere week later, another shock came with the announcement from Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin. Gallagher is considered a future leader within the party, and his exit further strains the Republican majority. The GOP now operates on a razor-thin margin with 217 seats to the Democrats’ 213.

Special Elections and GOP Stability: A Fragile Hope

Matthew Green, a professor at Catholic University, points out the historical rarity of a mid-term control flip in the House. He emphasizes the precariousness of the current Republican majority:

With such a tiny majority, all it would take is a tiny number of Republicans to decide either they want to go and leave immediately, or they have some health crisis and they cannot serve, and then Democrats would at that point possibly have an operational majority.

Given that the GOP can afford to lose only one vote without jeopardizing its majority, the significance of these departures cannot be overstated. Special elections may offer a glimmer of hope for the GOP to strengthen its numbers; nonetheless, the possibility of further resignations looms as a significant threat.

The scheduled special election to fill Rep. Brian Higgins' vacant seat is a near-term event that the GOP looks forward to with optimism, hoping to stabilize its standing. However, concerns persist about potential disruptions that could tilt the scales.

Leadership and Loyalty Test Amidst GOP Unrest

An underlying dissatisfaction among certain sectors of the House GOP hints at deeper issues. These feelings of discontent could contribute to the recent wave of departures. Molly Reynolds of the Brookings Institution notes, “Even those folks who are frustrated with serving in Congress right now, particularly in the Republican conference, even those folks don't want to jeopardize Republicans' ability to hold on to the majority."

As the GOP braces for more challenging times post-Easter, with anticipated dysfunction and infighting, the leadership skills of Speaker Johnson are under a microscope. His ability to navigate these tribulations could define the future of the Republican majority in the House.

Speaker Johnson and the GOP leadership must maintain close communication with members who intend to retire or seek other offices to ensure they do not leave prematurely. As Matthew Green said, "If Speaker Johnson is doing his job, he is talking to those announced retirees regularly, checking in to make sure they will not leave early."


The Republican majority in the House stands on precarious ground as it faces a series of resignations among its ranks. The departures of Reps. Ken Buck and Mike Gallagher, in particular, have spotlighted the fragility of the GOP's control. With the threshold for majority hanging by a single vote, upcoming special elections are critical for maintaining balance.

The Republican caucus's cohesion, tested by discontent and potential resignations, poses a significant challenge to Speaker Johnson's leadership. As the House gears up for a tumultuous session post-Easter, the GOP's ability to navigate its internal strife while keeping its majority intact will be a telling sign of the party's resilience and strategic insight.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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