House Committee Criticizes Biden Administration's Voter Registration MOU

 May 23, 2024

A memorandum involving the Biden administration and Michigan state has stirred controversy. Fox News reported that the House Committee on Small Business deems the document a misuse of taxpayer funds for political gains.

A Republican-led committee claims that a document reveals the Biden administration's improper efforts to register voters in a crucial battleground state.

Last March, Biden's Small Business Administration (SBA) and Michigan’s Department of State heralded a novel collaboration, proclaiming it a step forward in civic activation and voter registration. But this initiative didn't resonate well with everyone. Critics, especially from the House Committee, express concern that the SBA is overstepping into activities they believe are constitutionally questionable and overtly partisan. They argue that this MOU shifts focus from aiding small businesses to engaging in electoral politics.

Voter Registration Invoked in Business Training

Indeed, part of the memorandum stipulates that SBA staff be trained to facilitate voter registration. Such integration of voter services into business support activities raises eyebrows about the underlying intentions.

Committee Chairman Roger Williams stressed that the details of the MOU do not alleviate fears but rather underline an inappropriate pivot of the agency’s focus. "Seeing the MOU with Michigan does nothing to ease our concerns about the SBA getting involved in federal elections," stated Williams.

He articulates a broader public right to transparency as the inquiry deepens:

Main Street — and the American People — have a right to know what exactly is going on and how the SBA is spending their hard-earned tax dollars. I hope the SBA will be forthcoming with us and provide us with the requested documents as we continue our investigation into this matter.

Investigative findings hint that subsequent SBA outreach predominantly targeted regions with higher concentrations of Democrats, further fueling skepticism about the motive behind these voter registration drives.

Questions of Prioritization and Propriety

Murmurs of discontent echoed stronger when a video surfaced, allegedly showing SBA Administrator Isabel Guzman using her office to subtly campaign for President Biden. These visuals, coupled with the ongoing subornation of senior SBA officials for lack of cooperation with transparency mandates, paint a troubling picture for the agency.

This controversy is traced back to a 2021 executive order from President Biden that mandated federal agencies to expand voting access—a directive now scrutinized through actions like those executed by the SBA in Michigan.

Notably uneasy about the implications of these efforts, Senator Joni Ernst commented, "SBA’s MOU with Michigan proves that the agency is more concerned with registering voters than performing its official duties." She added fiercely, "This outrageous misuse and abuse of Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars will not go unpunished under my watch.

Moreover, criticism comes steeped in a broader concern that taxpayer money might be leveraged to sway electoral outcomes under the guise of enhanced voter participation.

Legislative Scrutiny Intensifies

The SBA's emergence as a focal point in election-related strategies has galvanized Congressional attention through censure and proactive subpoenas aimed at dissecting the real extent of this alignment with electoral strategies.

Summing up, the unfolding situation around the SBA's partnership with Michigan reflects broader debates about the politicization of taxpayer resources and bureaucratic focus. At its heart lies a fundamental concern: whether an agency established to support small businesses should venture into the turbulent waters of voter registration and electoral politics, and if so, at what cost to its primary mission.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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