House Chooses Replacement for Dean Phillips’s House Position

 November 29, 2023

In a significant reshuffle within the House Democratic ranks, Representative Lori Trahan has emerged victorious in her bid for a key leadership role.

Following a competitive election within the House Democratic caucus, Rep. Lori Trahan has been selected to fill a pivotal leadership position, succeeding Rep. Dean Phillips.

Rep. Dean Phillips, who previously held the co-chair role in the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, stepped down in October 2022. His decision came as he announced his intention to challenge President Biden in the upcoming presidential race. Phillips believed that maintaining his leadership position while running for president presented a conflict of interest.

A Close Contest for Leadership

The vacancy left by Phillips prompted a closely watched contest between Reps. Lori Trahan and Jason Crow. Both representatives were keen on taking the mantle to guide the party's messaging and strategic direction. The election, held in late November, was a test of their respective visions and support within the caucus.

Trahan, who has been serving in the House since 2019, was elected with a clear majority, securing 132 votes against Crow's 72. Her election marks a significant milestone in her political career, positioning her at the forefront of the party's communication efforts.

Joining her in this endeavor are Reps. Lauren Underwood and Veronica Escobar, who also serve as co-chairs of the committee. Together, they are expected to shape the party's messaging as it navigates a critical period in American politics.

Emphasizing Unity and Strategy

Following her election, Trahan emphasized the importance of unity and strategic planning in her new role. She highlighted the need to combat what she termed "Republican extremism," a sentiment that resonates with many in her party. Moreover, she expressed a firm commitment to recapturing the House majority, an objective of paramount importance for the Democrats.

Central to Trahan's agenda is the focus on centering the American people in all legislative and policy endeavors. This approach, she believes, is crucial for the party's success and for addressing the needs of the nation.

Trahan's win is seen as a reflection of the evolving dynamics within the Democratic Party. Her approach and priorities are expected to influence the party's direction in the coming months, particularly as the 2024 presidential election looms.

Trahan's Vision for the Future

Speaking to reporters, Trahan expressed gratitude and a sense of responsibility following her election. She said:

"More than anything, I'm humbled by the trust that my colleagues have placed in me to help lead the House Policy Communications Committee. I ran for this position because I want to do everything in my power to defeat Republican extremism, retake the House, and return the American people to the center of everything that we do."

Her statement not only conveys her appreciation for the trust bestowed upon her but also underscores her determination to steer the party towards greater heights.

The shift in leadership comes at a time when the Democratic Party is grappling with internal debates and external challenges. The party is seeking to redefine itself and consolidate its base ahead of future electoral battles.

The Road Ahead for Democrats

The Democratic caucus's decision to elect Trahan is a testament to her perceived ability to effectively communicate and strategize. Her experience and approach are seen as assets in navigating the complex political landscape.

As the party prepares for the upcoming elections, the role of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee becomes increasingly crucial. It will be responsible for crafting messages that resonate with the electorate and for outlining clear policy positions.

With Trahan at the helm, the committee is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the party's future and in articulating its vision for the country.


  • Rep. Lori Trahan was elected as the new co-chair of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee.
  • Trahan succeeds Rep. Dean Phillips, who stepped down to run for president.
  • Trahan won the position with a 132-72 vote against Rep. Jason Crow.
  • Her priorities include defeating Republican extremism, retaking the House majority, and centering the American people.
  • Trahan joins Reps. Lauren Underwood and Veronica Escobar are co-chairs on the messaging committee.

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