House China Committee Chairman Voices Concern Over U.S. Base Vulnerability

 May 8, 2024

Concerns are escalating about the safety of U.S. military bases in the Indo-Pacific region.

Fox News reported that House China Committee Chairman John Moolenaar has warned about their vulnerability to potential Chinese missile attacks.

Recently appointed chairman John Moolenaar took over from former chairman Rep. Mike Gallagher. Given the strategic significance of locations like Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands in U.S. military operations, his concerns are not unfounded.

John Moolenaar articulated these apprehensions in a statement to the Department of Defense leaders. He stressed that the bases are an easy target for China's sophisticated missile systems. According to Moolenaar, the disparity in preparedness between U.S. and Chinese military installations is stark, with U.S. bases significantly lacking in hardened aircraft shelters.

Letter Highlights Urgency of Upgrading U.S. Military Infrastructure

The letter, addressed to Frank Kendall and Carlos Del Toro—secretaries of the Air Force and Navy, respectively—outlined the pressing need for enhanced defensive measures. Moolenaar emphasized how these bases could be swiftly overwhelmed in the event of a conflict over Taiwan, citing results from simulation war games in which 90% of U.S. aircraft losses occurred on the ground.

Moolenaar argues for constructing passive defenses to bolster resilience against missile strikes. He believes such initiatives are critical to maintaining U.S. military efficacy in the region.

John Moolenaar calls out what he sees as an "alarming lack of urgency from the Biden administration" in addressing these defense needs. He contends that the administration's slow response could significantly handicap the U.S. in any potential conflicts with China, particularly given the latter's rapidly advancing military capabilities.

Comparison With Chinese Military Bases Highlights Disparity

Comparative analyses highlight a considerable gap between U.S. and Chinese military infrastructures. U.S. bases are almost devoid of the reinforced shelters commonplace in Chinese bases. This disparity puts American forces at a severe tactical disadvantage.

Outlining a probable scenario, Moolenaar stated, "Strikes on U.S. bases could immobilize vital air assets, disrupt logistical chains, and significantly weaken our ability to respond in a conflict." Such a strategic blow could prove catastrophic in a high-stakes confrontation.

Furthermore, outdated Department of Defense regulations are reportedly complicating and delaying necessary construction projects that could fortify bases against attacks. Moolenaar has called for a comprehensive review and revision of these regulations to expedite the process.

Immediate Action Urged to Protect American Lives and Assets

The Chairman's demands include updates from the Pentagon on current measures and plans for enhancing base resilience. He is also keen on understanding the allocation and utilization of funding for these critical construction projects.

John Moolenaar's urgent call is framed by a concern that time is running out for the U.S. to correct its strategic vulnerabilities in the Indo-Pacific:

Our bases in the Indo-Pacific are unacceptably vulnerable to Chinese strikes. We don’t have enough hardened shelters to protect our aircraft and personnel. We’re years behind the mark to harden our bases. Today, I’m imploring Pentagon leaders to begin this critical construction before China decides it’s too late.

This stark assessment encapsulates the urgency of his plea to U.S. defense leadership and lawmakers alike. Foreseeing the potential implications of inaction, Moolenaar continues his advocacy for swift, decisive enhancements to security infrastructure at U.S. bases in the region. His ongoing efforts underscore a clear and present need to rectify these vulnerabilities before adversaries can exploit them.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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