Homeland Security Chair Confirms They ‘Have The Votes’ To Impeach Mayorkas

 January 22, 2024

A storm brews in Washington as impeachment talks heat up.

Impeachment looms for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as GOP members rally support.

In a revealing interview on "Sunday Morning Futures," Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) has signaled that the GOP-led House possesses the requisite votes to initiate impeachment proceedings against Secretary Mayorkas. This development comes as a second impeachment hearing concluded last week, underscoring the intensifying scrutiny over Mayorkas's border security management.

GOP Prepares Articles of Impeachment

The Republican majority is drafting articles of impeachment, which are expected to be presented to the committee in the upcoming week. Green's announcement highlights a pivotal moment in what could become a historic impeachment process. The committee will soon decide whether these articles warrant further action, which could lead to a decisive House floor vote.

After passing through the committee, the articles face a vote on the House floor. As Green suggests, the timing of this vote hinges on House members' attendance, with some absent due to health concerns. The Republican margin in the House is narrow, and every vote could be critical in determining the outcome.

Impeachment is a weighty legislative tool, and its deployment here underscores the gravity of the accusations against Secretary Mayorkas. The allegations suggest a willful neglect of congressional laws, specifically those relating to the detention of individuals at the border. This has sparked a firestorm of debate on the separation of powers and the proper execution of immigration laws.

Accusations and Defense

Green's criticism of Mayorkas is stark and unambiguous. He accuses the Homeland Security Secretary of undermining the authority of Congress by neglecting to enforce detainment laws. This tension between the branches of government reflects a larger, ongoing debate over immigration policy.

Mark Green states:

Look, this guy has subverted the laws passed by Congress, ignoring a co-equal branch of government. It’s very clear the law says ‘shall detain.’ And Mayorkas has done everything not to detain. In fact, he’s created systems that — what he calls lawful parole, but it’s actually totally contradicting the Immigration and Nationality Act that was passed by this Congress.

Democrats and the White House have challenged these impeachment efforts, denouncing them as political maneuvers devoid of constitutional basis. Yet, Green and his Republican colleagues remain steadfast, arguing that the impeachment is about upholding the Constitution and the country's founding principles.

Political Stakes and Broader Implications

The implications of this potential impeachment extend beyond Mayorkas himself. They signify a broader division within American politics over the direction of immigration and border policy. This issue remains one of the most contentious and polarizing topics in the United States today.

The political stakes are high as members of the GOP contend that Secretary Mayorkas's actions are not just policy disagreements but constitutional violations. Green's assertion is that Mayorkas, by acting unilaterally, is effectively rewriting the laws, a role reserved for Congress under the Constitution.

The debate over whether Mayorkas will lose his job continues. Green expressed hope for Mayorkas's removal but acknowledged the uncertainty of the outcome. The process itself, regardless of the end result, is indicative of the significant tensions within the current political landscape.


The GOP, led by Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green, is forging ahead with impeachment proceedings against Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, citing a dereliction of duty in enforcing immigration laws.

The articles of impeachment, set to be presented and marked up in the committee the week of January 29, could potentially lead to a House floor vote.

Despite the slim majority and attendance affected by health issues, Green is confident in the support within the GOP. The Democrats and the White House have decried the impeachment as unconstitutional, while Green maintains that it is a necessary action to uphold the separation of powers. The outcome of this process may set a significant precedent in the ongoing conflict between the legislative and executive branches over immigration policy.

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