Hillary Blasts Biden Over Concerns Surrounding His Age

By Robert Cunningham, updated on February 20, 2024

In the twilight of a presidency, memory becomes a matter of national discourse.

First Lady Jill Biden defends President Joe Biden's mental acuity amidst scrutiny, highlighting the emotional toll of personal attacks on their family, in contrast to Hillary Clinton's advice emphasizing experience over age in political discourse.

The integrity of President Joe Biden's memory has become a focal point of national attention following a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur. Hur's investigation into classified documents found at the President's Delaware home ultimately absolved him of criminal charges but raised eyebrows with comments on Biden's forgetfulness.

The report's details, including an unsettling moment where the President could not recall the exact date of his late son Beau Biden's death, have intensified the debate over the President's age and mental fitness for office.

First Lady Jill Biden Expresses Distress Over Report

The First Lady took a firm stance in defense of her husband. Jill Biden's response to the Special Counsel's report was one of visible distress, pointing out the emotional toll Beau's death has taken on their family. Her anguish was palpable as she publicly chastised the report for its perceived insensitivity.

I hope you can imagine how it felt to read that attack — not just as Joe’s wife, but as Beau’s mother. If you’ve experienced a loss like that, you know that you don’t measure it in years — you measure it in grief. May 30th is a day forever etched on our hearts. It shattered me, it shattered our family.

This powerful statement from the First Lady underscores the personal nature of the criticisms leveled against the President. It is a poignant reminder of the human element often overshadowed by political machinations.

President's Mental State Questioned Amidst Investigation

As the investigation unfolded, the President defended his mental state with vigor. In a press conference where he mistakenly confused the president of Egypt with the president of Mexico, Biden criticized Hur's focus on his memory, asserting his mental competence and experience. However, this slip did not go unnoticed and has contributed to further discussion on his mental fitness.

Despite the controversy, Hur decided against pressing charges, suggesting that the mistakes made were not willful misconduct but rather innocent lapses. The contrast between Biden's cooperative behavior during the investigation and former President Donald Trump's handling of classified documents was also highlighted in the report, drawing a line between the two scenarios.

House Judiciary Committee Raises Age as Potential Disqualification

The Republican-led House Judiciary Committee has not shied away from these concerns. They have gone so far as to suggest that the President's age and mental state might be grounds for disqualification from the presidency.

This sentiment echoes a broader conversation about the political implications of the President's age, including comments from Hillary Clinton regarding the legitimacy of age as a campaign issue.

Clinton's advice to Biden to emphasize his experience rather than his age points to a divide within the party. The Democratic elder stateswoman's comments indicate an awareness of the political landscape and the challenges it poses to an aging presidency.


The Special Counsel's report on President Biden has stirred a national conversation about the President's mental acuity and the role of age in high office. While the investigation cleared him of legal wrongdoing, it has nonetheless cast a spotlight on his memory lapses, including a painful moment where he could not recall the date of his own son's passing. First Lady Jill Biden's emotional defense of her husband speaks to the deep personal toll such public scrutiny takes.

The contrasting opinions within the Democratic Party, from Jill Biden's heartfelt rebuttal to Hillary Clinton's pragmatic political advice, reflect a party at a crossroads. Meanwhile, Republican discourse on the President's fitness for office underscores the partisan divide. As the nation grapples with these issues, the question remains: how much should personal memory and age weigh in the balance of presidential capability?

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