Harris Warns of Supreme Court Risk to Essential Rights

 May 11, 2024

Vice President Kamala Harris recently voiced serious concerns over the U.S. Supreme Court’s current trajectory.

According to The Hill, Vice President Harris indicated unease about the potential for the Supreme Court's conservative majority to undermine long-recognized rights. Harris has come under fire and has been smacked down by the court of public opinion for her comments on the Supreme Court.

During an interview, Vice President Harris expressed her apprehensions regarding the Supreme Court's inclination to revisit and possibly overturn established legal precedents. This comes in the wake of the 2022 decision where the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, setting off a chain of stringent abortion laws across various Republican-led states.

Voicing Concerns over Judicial Activism

Her concerns are echoed by others in the administration, including President Joe Biden. President Biden has criticized the high court's deviation from longstanding precedents, particularly regarding affirmative action and abortion rights. The shift in judicial approach, according to the President, illustrates a significant departure from historical norms of judicial interpretative strategies.

"This is not a normal court," President Biden stated, pointing to a series of decisions that have reversed doctrines that were stable for more than half a century.

While Vice President Harris refrained from listing specific precedents at risk, beyond Roe v. Wade, she cited Justice Clarence Thomas’s openness about reconsidering various Supreme Court decisions.

This vigilance towards judicial commentary is part of Harris’s broader strategy to prepare for and respond to future judicial decisions that may impact fundamental freedoms.

Harris’s Role and Responses to Court’s Decisions

As a key figure in the White House's response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Vice President Harris has repeatedly highlighted her concerns about the potential erosion of rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

"This court has shown itself to be an activist court... I worry about fundamental freedoms across the board," Vice President Harris remarked in the interview. "But this court has made it very clear that they are willing to undo recognized rights," she added, underscoring the urgency of her concerns.

Vice President Harris also noted the dissonance between the court's rulings and the opinions of the majority of Americans, suggesting a growing gap between judicial decisions and public consensus. This sentiment is part of a broader apprehension within the current administration regarding the future direction of the Supreme Court under its conservative majority.


The implications of the Supreme Court's decisions extend far beyond the courtrooms, influencing a wide range of public policies and civil rights. Both Vice President Harris and President Biden have suggested that these judicial shifts could have profound and lasting impacts on American society.

The administration's critique comes at a time when the nation is already deeply polarized. It also underscores the potential long-term consequences of the Supreme Court's rulings on American jurisprudence and civil liberties.

The concerns expressed by Vice President Kamala Harris and echoed by President Joe Biden reflect deep uncertainty about the future of American jurisprudence. The potential rollback of rights long considered sacrosanct suggests significant shifts in the landscape of U.S. constitutional law, sparking a critical dialog about the role of the judiciary in shaping the lives of Americans.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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