Hamas Terrorists Are Targeting Christians and US Service Groups in US

 November 22, 2023

The undercurrents of global jihad are now lapping at the foundations of American society, with militant group Hamas appearing to broaden its scope of targets.

Hamas, with its 1988 charter, clearly outlines an ambition to make Islam the dominant global religion, targeting all who do not conform.

With roots in the 1988 Hamas charter that proclaims the expansion of Islam worldwide, the group now sees non-believers of any form as a threat. The charter asserts that every Muslim's duty is "Jihad," making it clear that the solution to the Palestinian question lies solely through Jihad.

Increasing Concerns of the FBI

The FBI has intensified its investigations into activities related to Hamas within the United States. This action reflects growing concerns about potential attacks on American soil, especially given the current unrest in the Middle East.

FBI Director Christopher Wray highlighted the agency's focus on individuals affiliated with Hamas. He expressed concern that the ongoing conflict in the Middle East might be used by Hamas or other foreign terrorist organizations to instigate attacks within the United States.

Wray stated:

"We’ve kept our sights on Hamas and have multiple investigations into individuals affiliated with that foreign terrorist organization. We've seen a rogue’s gallery of foreign terrorist organizations call for attacks against Americans and our allies. We cannot — and do not — discount the possibility that Hamas or another foreign terrorist organization may exploit the current conflict to conduct attacks here, on our own soil."

Hamas's Financial Networks in the U.S.

The United States has previously seen legal actions against charities affiliated with Hamas. These groups were convicted of materially supporting terrorism, revealing a complex network of financial support for Hamas activities.

One notable case involved a charity based in Richardson, Texas. This organization, linked to the current Hamas political leader, was found to have funneled approximately $12 million to Hamas, showcasing the group's far-reaching influence and capabilities.

Timeline of Hamas's Charter and Activities

Hamas's charter, a document that guides its principles and strategies, explicitly states that Jihad, or holy war, is the duty of every Muslim.

This approach is seen as the only solution to the Palestinian question, signaling a hardline stance that leaves little room for diplomatic or peaceful resolutions.

In 1992, the current Hamas political leader was linked to the Holy Land Foundation, a charity that was later convicted in 2008 of sending $12 million to Hamas. These events underline the deep-rooted and sustained efforts of Hamas to finance its operations through various means.

Experts' Views on Hamas's Global Agenda

Walid Phares, a Middle East expert, has expressed grave concerns about Hamas's activities, especially its penetration into Western societies. Phares emphasizes that Hamas is not just an issue for Israel but poses a significant threat to democratic nations worldwide.

"Hamas is using Gaza as an umbrella to be legitimate. The reality is this is a jihadist movement, and it is manifesting itself in America and Canada, and in Western Europe. We have never been at this level of danger for our democratic world."

He also notes that Hamas's understanding of Western societies has facilitated their infiltration and poses a real danger, not just to Israel but to the international community as a whole.


The threat posed by Hamas extends far beyond its initial focus on Israel. This group's jihadist agenda, targeting Christians, other religions, and humanitarian organizations, alongside its financial networks in the U.S., underlines a global threat.

  • Hamas targets not only Jews and Israel but also Christians, other religious groups, and humanitarian organizations.
  • Their 1988 charter advocates for global Jihad, aiming to make Islam the dominant religion worldwide.
  • FBI is actively investigating Hamas-affiliated individuals in the U.S., concerned about potential domestic attacks.
  • Financial networks supporting Hamas have been uncovered in the U.S., including a Texas-based charity funneling funds to the group.
  • Experts warn that Hamas poses a significant threat to democratic societies worldwide, not just in the Middle East.

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