Half Of Voters Believe Biden Should Be Replaced On 2024 Ticket

By Victor Winston, updated on February 15, 2024

In a surprising turn, a new poll suggests doubts about the incumbent's future on the ballot.

A recent Monmouth University poll signals growing uncertainty about President Joe Biden's nomination for re-election, contrasting with increased confidence in Donald Trump's capabilities.

According to the poll, 48% of voters speculate that President Joe Biden might not secure his party's nomination for the next presidential race. Concerns over his age and health largely drive this speculation. A fraction of these voters, including some leaning toward the Republican side, suspect Biden might be replaced by another candidate from within the Democratic Party.

Voter Confidence Wanes in Biden's Stamina

There has been a notable decrease in voter confidence regarding Biden's mental and physical stamina. Only 32% of the electorate now feel assured of Biden's capabilities, a steep decline from the 52% recorded in 2020.

This decline spans across party lines, most markedly among independent voters, where confidence plummeted from 48% to merely 20%. Even among Democrats, assurance in Biden's stamina has dropped from 91% to 72%.

On the flip side, former President Donald Trump seems to be gaining ground in terms of public perception of his stamina. Currently, 51% of Americans believe in Trump's mental and physical ability to serve, up from 45% in the summer of 2020. This increase is seen across the political spectrum, with even a slight uptick in confidence among Democratic voters.

Trump's Stamina Sees Growing Confidence

Indeed, 90% of Republican respondents now express confidence in Trump's mental and physical abilities, a rise from 88%. Independent voters also show increased conviction in Trump's capacities, with 57% feeling confident, up from 42%. Despite Trump's complex melange of legal challenges, only a minority voice is concerned that these could jeopardize his nomination in the Republican primaries.

Considering Trump's leading position in early GOP primaries and substantial polling advantages, it's noteworthy that about one-third of Americans still entertain the possibility of him being replaced as the GOP nominee. But unlike Biden, where health concerns dominate, Trump's potential replacement fears are mostly tethered to his legal entanglements, with the concerned voters barely mentioning health issues.

In an elaboration of voter sentiment, one quote captured from the poll findings offers insight into the prevailing concerns about Biden:

A recent poll from Monmouth University released on Friday reveals a divided opinion among voters about the current president's future on the electoral ballot. According to the survey, 20% of respondents consider it very likely, while an additional 28% see it as somewhat likely, that the president might not appear on the ballot for the upcoming election.

A Tale of Two Leaders’ Public Perception

This shift in public perception is notable as it outlines a stark contrast in voter confidence between two political figures central to American politics over the last several years. Concerns about Biden's age and health resonate more significantly now than in the previous election cycle. Simultaneously, Trump appears to have maintained but bolstered his image regarding mental and physical fitness for office.

These poll findings come at a time when both parties are evaluating their strategies and potential candidates for the upcoming presidential election. For Democrats, the decreasing confidence in Biden's stamina could prompt intraparty discussions about potential alternatives. For Republicans, Trump's enduring appeal and perceived stamina may solidify his position as the front-runner, although his legal challenges remain a wild card.


The Monmouth University poll highlights a growing divide in public confidence toward the mental and physical stamina of Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump. While nearly half of the voters doubt Biden's continued candidacy due to health concerns, a majority now view Trump's capabilities more favorably, despite his legal challenges. This evolving dynamic underscores American political sentiment's complex and ever-changing landscape as the next presidential election looms closer.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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