Gunman Opens Fire At Site Of Trump Ballot Removal

 January 3, 2024

A tense scene unfolded in the heart of Denver this week.

A man involved in a car wreck near the Colorado Supreme Court building in Denver shot his way into the building, causing extensive damage, before being arrested.

On Tuesday, a startling act of violence disrupted the early morning calm near the Colorado Supreme Court building as an individual, leaving behind the chaos of a car accident, forcibly entered the courthouse by shooting through a window. The car wreck, which occurred at 1:15 a.m. close to the Supreme Court building, was the precursor to a series of events that led to the gunman threatening another driver and subsequently making his way into the state’s highest court. Once inside, the man held up an unarmed security guard, enabling him to access the building further.

Gunman's Rampage Through Supreme Court

The suspect managed to reach the seventh floor of the building, where he fired additional shots and, in a dramatic turn, called 911 himself around 3 a.m. Thankfully, the gunman eventually surrendered to the authorities voluntarily, and no injuries were reported aside from the extensive property damage inflicted on the building. The aftermath was visible in the hours following the incident, with a notably large shattered window, among other damages.

The Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and Denver Police Department (DPD) are jointly investigating the circumstances that led to this violent intrusion. While the motives of the suspect remain unclear, officials have been prompt in addressing public concern regarding the incident's connection to recent court rulings. The Colorado Supreme Court has been under scrutiny and faced threats after its controversial decision last month to bar former President Donald Trump from the ballot, citing a constitutional provision against insurrectionists.

No Link to Political Controversy Found

Despite the proximity in timing to the heightened tensions surrounding the court's ruling, authorities believe this incident is not associated with the threats against the justices. The Colorado State Patrol released a statement emphasizing the ongoing investigation and current beliefs regarding the assailant's motives.

According to the CSP statement, "The CSP and DPD are treating this incident seriously, but at this time, it is believed that this is not associated with previous threats to the Colorado Supreme Court Justices."

This assertion brings some relief to a community already on edge, as the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling against Trump has led to a fraught atmosphere, with the former president expected to appeal the decision to the US Supreme Court. The courthouse, a symbol of law and order, now bears the physical scars of an act that seems to stem from a source of violence not directly related to its judicial activities.

Community and Legal Repercussions

The incident has reignited discussions on courthouse security and the safety of public officials amidst a volatile political climate. As the investigation unfolds, Denver residents and the legal community await further details on the gunman's motives and the full extent of the damage to the Supreme Court building.

With no injuries reported, the focus remains on understanding the sequence of events that led to the breach of security at such a critical state institution. The Denver Police Department and the Colorado State Patrol continue their efforts to piece together the gunman's actions and intentions, ensuring that justice is served and similar incidents are prevented in the future.


The incident at the Colorado Supreme Court building in Denver has raised numerous concerns.

  • After a car wreck, a man caused extensive damage to the Colorado Supreme Court building.
  • The suspect was arrested without further injuries to others.
  • Despite initial concerns, the incident is not believed to be connected to the court's ruling against Donald Trump.
  • The Colorado State Patrol and Denver Police Department are actively investigating the situation.
  • Security measures and the protection of justices remain a high priority in the wake of the attack.

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