Governors Call For Once-Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis To Be Disbarred

 December 17, 2023

In a significant development within the legal community, attorney Jenna Ellis has pleaded guilty to a felony count of aiding and abetting false statements in Georgia.

This case centers around Ellis's role in former President Trump's attempts to overturn the election results, leading to widespread calls for her disbarment.

Ellis, who represented Trump during the post-election period, admitted to making false statements in this context. Her guilty plea marks a critical juncture in the ongoing Fulton County election subversion case, where she is the third defendant to plead guilty.

Legal Repercussions Follow Guilty Plea

Ellis's actions have not gone unnoticed by the legal fraternity. The Colorado Supreme Court had previously censured her for the same false statements. This censure is now followed by her recent guilty plea, which has further intensified scrutiny of her professional conduct.

In response to these developments, two watchdog groups, along with former state attorneys general and governors, have signed a letter calling for Ellis to be disbarred. This letter, addressed to the Colorado Supreme Court Regulation Counsel, highlights the gravity of Ellis's misconduct.

Ellis's case is reminiscent of fellow defendant Rudy Giuliani's situation. Giuliani, also involved in the election subversion case, has already faced disbarment in New York for his role.

Ellis Expresses Remorse in Plea Hearing

During her plea hearing, Ellis expressed deep remorse for her actions. This sentiment marks a significant shift in her stance since her involvement in the post-election challenges.

Ellis stated, "If I knew then what I know now, I would have declined to represent Donald Trump in these post-election challenges. I look back on this experience with deep remorse."

"The crime to which she pled guilty — one involving false statements in the context of her representation of former President Trump — unquestionably reflects adversely on her fitness to practice law."

This quote, extracted from the letter advocating for Ellis's disbarment, encapsulates the legal community's concerns regarding her professional integrity and fitness to practice law, Washington Examiner reported.

Timeline of Events Reveals Ongoing Legal Saga

The case against Ellis and the subsequent calls for her disbarment are part of a broader legal saga. This saga began with the Colorado Supreme Court's censure of Ellis in March 2022, a direct consequence of her false statements.

Her guilty plea in Georgia added a new dimension to the case, signaling her acknowledgment of wrongdoing. This plea has catalyzed the recent push by watchdog groups and former state officials for her disbarment.

The sequence of events underscores the ongoing legal and ethical implications of the actions taken by Ellis and others in the aftermath of the election.

Comparison with Rudy Giuliani's Case

Rudy Giuliani's situation parallels that of Ellis. Giuliani, a fellow defendant in the election subversion case, has faced severe professional consequences, including disbarment in New York.

This parallel serves as a stark reminder of the potential legal and ethical consequences that attorneys can face when involved in activities that undermine the integrity of the election process.

Giuliani's disbarment in New York, much like the actions taken against Ellis, reflects the legal profession's commitment to maintaining ethical standards and upholding the law.

Professional and Ethical Implications for Lawyers

The case of Jenna Ellis, alongside that of Rudy Giuliani, serves as a cautionary tale for legal professionals. It underscores the importance of adhering to ethical standards and the potential repercussions of failing to do so.

The scrutiny and subsequent actions taken against Ellis demonstrate the legal community's commitment to holding its members accountable, especially in matters of national significance.

As this case continues to unfold, it will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the legal profession, particularly in the context of political representation and ethical conduct.

  • Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting false statements in Georgia, about former President Trump's post-election challenges.
  • Watchdog groups and former state officials have called for her disbarment, highlighting the severity of her misconduct.
  • Ellis's case is part of a broader legal saga that includes the disbarment of Rudy Giuliani in New York for similar reasons.
  • Throughout the proceedings, Ellis expressed remorse, reflecting on her actions and their implications.

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