GOP Target Producer Who Was Linked To Hunter In Latest Impeachment Inquiry

 February 4, 2024

The House impeachment inquiry has set its sights on Hollywood producer Lanette Phillips, demanding her testimony about her role in connecting Hunter Biden with attorney Kevin Morris in 2019.

In a detailed investigation, the House impeachment inquiry is probing the depth of the Biden family's financial dealings, focusing on a series of events starting in 2019. Lanette Phillips, a well-known figure in Hollywood, hosted a fundraiser for Joe Biden, during which she introduced Hunter Biden to Kevin Morris. This meeting would begin a significant financial relationship between Hunter and Morris, leading to substantial loans and business dealings that have drawn the attention of Republican lawmakers.

Shortly after their introduction, Kevin Morris extended a whopping $6.5 million in loans to Hunter Biden. This financial assistance did not stop at loans. Morris also assumed control over Hunter's 10% stake in the Chinese investment firm BHR Partners, a company with around $3 billion invested globally. These actions have raised questions among Republicans about the potential motivations behind Morris's support for Hunter, speculating whether this was an attempt to curry favor with then Vice President Joe Biden.

An artistic connection under scrutiny

The inquiry also delves into Hunter Biden's foray into the art world, facilitated by Morris through an association with art dealer Georges Bergès. This venture resulted in $1.5 million in art sales, including transactions with Democrat donor Elizabeth Naftali. The timing of Naftali's purchase and her subsequent appointment by Joe Biden to a government commission has fueled further speculation about the intertwining of personal business with public office.

The Committees leading the investigation have expressed significant concern over the opaque nature of the art sales. They argue that the substantial sums paid for the work of a novice artist like Hunter Biden, coupled with his known practice of leveraging his family name, warrant a thorough examination. This aspect of the inquiry reflects broader anxieties about the potential misuse of the art market for financial irregularities, Breitbart reported.

"Given Hunter Biden’s long record of influence peddling, the Committees seek to understand whether Kevin Morris’s substantial financial support for Hunter Biden was intended to benefit, curry favor with, or gain access to Joe Biden," wrote Representatives Comer and Jordan in a letter to Phillips.

Financial ties that bind

Further complicating the narrative are revelations about the financial entanglements of the Biden family. The investigation, launched in November 2022, has unearthed evidence suggesting that Joe Biden and nine other family members received money from foreign business deals. These findings have prompted a deeper exploration into the extent of the Biden family's financial interests and their potential impact on U.S. policy and governance.

The timeline of events, stretching from the initial meeting in 2019 through various financial and business developments up to the present inquiry, paints a complex picture of the interactions between private business dealings and public service.

The inquiry's focus on these connections aims to shed light on the integrity of these transactions and their compliance with ethical standards.

A contentious inquiry with broad implications

As the House impeachment inquiry progresses, the investigation into Hunter Biden's dealings and his father's potential involvement has become a focal point of political and public scrutiny. The intertwining of personal finances, foreign investments, and public service raises fundamental questions about the boundaries between private gain and public duty.

This narrative of financial dealings, art sales, and political connections underscores the intricate web of relationships that the Biden family has navigated. As the investigation continues, the focus remains on uncovering the truth behind these connections and ensuring accountability at the highest levels of government.


The House impeachment inquiry into the Biden family's finances represents a pivotal moment in American politics.

It highlights the need for transparency and accountability, especially concerning the potential intersection of personal financial interests with public service. The investigation's findings could have significant implications for the Biden family and the broader political landscape, underscoring the importance of integrity and ethical conduct in public office.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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