GOP Lawmakers Targeted In Christmas Day Swatting Calls

 December 26, 2023

In a disturbing turn of events, two Republican lawmakers faced perilous false alarms on Christmas Day.

Two Republican members of Congress were the victims of dangerous "swatting" calls on Christmas, sparking police investigations.

The phenomenon of swatting, where a deceptive emergency call is placed to provoke a heavy police response, has hit the homes of Rep. Brandon Williams of New York and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. Both incidents occurred on a day traditionally reserved for peace and family gatherings, casting a shadow over the holiday spirit. The subsequent police operations were initiated based on false information but ended without harm.

Law Enforcement Responds to False Alarms

Rep. Williams took to social media to narrate his encounter with law enforcement, who were falsely directed to his home. He expressed gratitude towards the officers for their professionalism during the stressful situation. Williams' message highlighted the humanity of the moment, sharing that the responding officers were given homemade cookies and spiced nuts as they departed.

"Our home was swatted this afternoon. Thanks to the Deputies and Troopers who contacted me before arriving. They left with homemade cookies and spiced nuts! Merry Christmas everyone! Thankful for law enforcement working today (and every day). 5 cars responded to our home. The deputies and troopers were polite, professional, and prompt. God bless them."

While Rep. Williams experienced this for the first time, Rep. Greene had been through this harrowing scenario multiple times. She revealed that the latest swatting incident marked approximately the eighth occurrence, with this one unfolding amidst Christmas celebrations with her family. The Rome Police Department swiftly responded to the false alarm at Greene's residence, thankfully finding no real threat upon their arrival.

Political Figures at Risk

Swatting incidents like these not only endanger the targets but also represent a significant misuse of emergency services. The increasing frequency of such events involving political figures has escalated concerns surrounding their safety. Law enforcement agencies are under pressure to respond effectively to potential threats while also discerning false alarms to prevent unwarranted disturbances.

Rep. Greene expressed her frustration and appreciation in a statement, acknowledging the unwarranted stress placed on local law enforcement. She shared her family's resilience and continued celebration despite the interruption. The Rome Police Department's spokesperson confirmed the swift coordination with Greene's security detail and the eventual cancellation of their emergency response.

The troubling trend of targeting public servants with swatting calls underlines the vulnerability of elected officials to harassment and potential danger. Both the Capitol Police and local authorities remain vigilant in their investigations of the incidents that disturbed the lawmakers' holiday. The offices of both representatives had not offered comments to media inquiries at the time of reporting.

A Call for Civility and Safety

The Christmas Day swatting incidents involving Rep. Brandon Williams and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene highlight a troubling misuse of emergency services and underscore the vulnerability of political figures. Such malicious pranks have severe implications, drawing critical resources away from real emergencies and putting innocent lives at risk. The incidents point to increased security measures and possibly legislative action to deter future occurrences.

  • Two Republican lawmakers were targeted by dangerous "swatting" calls on Christmas Day.
  • Rep. Brandon Williams and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene were the victims, with ongoing police investigations.
  • The swatting phenomenon is increasing and poses a risk to public safety and the misuse of emergency services.
  • Williams and Greene thanked law enforcement for their professionalism, and the police responded effectively to the false alarms.
  • There is a bipartisan call for measures to protect individuals from such harassment and to preserve the integrity of emergency response systems.

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