GOP Drafting Bills To Remove Biden From Ballot In Multiple States

 December 22, 2023

In an unprecedented political move, Republican lawmakers are targeting President Joe Biden's ballot eligibility.

Three Republican state lawmakers propose removing President Joe Biden from ballots in key swing states, following a recent legal precedent against former President Donald Trump.

The states in question, Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, play a crucial role in presidential elections. The potential absence of Biden from these ballots could significantly alter the dynamics of the upcoming Democrat primary and the presidential election. This bold move is led by Pennsylvania Rep. Aaron Bernstine, Georgia Rep. Charlice Byrd, and Arizona Rep. Cory McGarr.

Colorado's Decision Sparks Controversial Counteraction

This legislative proposal directly responds to the Colorado Supreme Court's recent ruling. The court invoked the U.S. Constitution's "Insurrection Clause" to prevent Trump from appearing on Colorado's presidential ballot.

The lawmakers argue that this rationale could be similarly applied to Biden, especially considering his administration's policies on the southern border and alleged family dealings in China.

They intend to spotlight the need for allowing all candidates fair access to ballots in every state. This stance has stirred considerable discussion within Republican circles, with many expressing frustration over the Colorado Supreme Court's verdict.

Political Strategy and Tensions Escalate

Aside from these three states, Texas Republicans also contemplated similar action against Biden, particularly focusing on his open border policies. However, no concrete steps have been taken in Texas as of yet. The broader political landscape is marked by escalating tensions between Republicans and Democrats, particularly regarding election rules and the eligibility of candidates.

Political strategist Cliff Maloney supports the Republican lawmakers, emphasizing the importance of fighting back against what he sees as Democratic overreach. Maloney's comments reflect a growing sentiment among Republicans that the Democrats' strategies threaten the fundamental structure of American politics.

The lawmakers said:

“Democrats’ insane justification to remove Trump can just as easily be applied to Joe Biden for his ‘insurrection’ at the southern border and his alleged corrupt family business dealings with China. Colorado radicals just changed the game and we are not going to sit quietly while they destroy our Republic. To be clear, our objective is to showcase the absurdity of Colorado’s decision and allow ALL candidates to be on the ballot in all states."

Lawmakers' Message and The Broader Implications

The Republican representatives are vocal in criticizing the Colorado Supreme Court's decision, deeming it a "stain on the American political system." They argue that if the court's interpretation of the law is applied uniformly, Biden should also be deemed ineligible for political office due to various policy decisions and alleged controversies.

“We are joining forces to introduce legislation to REMOVE Joe Biden from the ballot in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania,” the lawmakers announced, signaling a new phase in the political battleground. Their statement challenges the Colorado decision and raises questions about the consistency and fairness of applying constitutional clauses to presidential candidates.


The unfolding political scenario presents a complex and potentially impactful development in American politics.

  • Republican lawmakers propose removing President Biden from key state ballots, paralleling the Colorado Supreme Court's action against Trump.
  • This move could significantly influence the upcoming elections, particularly in swing states like Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.
  • Lawmakers argue for consistent application of the law, citing Biden's policies and alleged dealings as grounds for ballot removal.
  • The strategy highlights escalating tensions and strategies in the ongoing political rivalry between Republicans and Democrats.

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With years of experience at the forefront of political commentary, Robert Cunningham brings a blend of sharp wit and deep insight to his analysis of American principles at the Capitalism Institute.

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