GOP Demands Drafts Of Biden’s Speech On Burisma Firing

By Victor Winston, updated on February 1, 2024

The tug-of-war over documents between the House Oversight Committee and the White House has taken a new turn.

The Oversight Committee is intensifying its investigation into alleged misuse of power and possible obstruction, focusing on obtaining the original drafts of a 2016 speech by then-Vice President Joe Biden regarding the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

The letter sent to White House Counsel by the Committee is a bold demand for transparency and accountability. The Committee, chaired by James Comer, asserts that these documents are crucial for understanding the extent of Biden's involvement in the removal of prosecutor Shokin.

Shokin's firing, the Committee contends, was intertwined with Biden's threat to withhold aid to Ukraine—a move allegedly aimed at protecting his son, Hunter Biden, who was then on the board of Burisma Holdings.

Scrutiny on the Biden family intensifies

Hunter Biden's involvement with Burisma Holdings and his substantial compensation from the company have raised eyebrows and questions about potential conflicts of interest. Especially noteworthy is the claim that Hunter's monthly compensation was significantly reduced two months after his father left office, further fueling the Committee's suspicions.

The Committee's frustration with the White House's reluctance to release the requested documents is palpable. They argue that similar requests regarding the Trump Administration were processed more swiftly, suggesting a double standard in handling presidential records.

In a pointed critique, the Committee accused the White House of employing "dilatory tactics" to obstruct their investigation. This accusation highlights the intricate dance of politics and power, where documents and records become battlegrounds for accountability.

A tale of politics, power, and the pursuit of accountability

The impeachment inquiry stated:

Such a lengthy delay in processing a discrete and limited category of documents is unacceptable and appears to represent an attempt to obstruct the Committees' legitimate investigation. These dilatory tactics must cease, and the White House must permit NARA to release these documents forthwith.

The Oversight Committee's demand highlights the broader issues of transparency and accountability in governance, especially when it involves high-ranking officials and their families.

The timeline of events, from Hunter Biden's board membership at Burisma to the present demands for document release, outlines a saga of political intrigue and allegations of influence peddling. It raises critical questions about the intersection of personal interests and public duty.

The Committee's insistence on accessing the drafts of Biden's 2016 speech reflects a deeper quest for clarity and truth. As this story unfolds, it becomes a test of the oversight mechanisms and the resilience of democratic institutions in the face of political pressures.


The House Oversight Committee's demand for the drafts of Joe Biden's 2016 speech concerning the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin highlights a complex weave of allegations, political intrigue, and the ongoing struggle for transparency and accountability in public office.

The saga surrounding Hunter Biden's tenure at Burisma Holdings and the subsequent actions of then-Vice President Joe Biden have ignited a firestorm of scrutiny, raising significant questions about the boundaries between personal interests and public duty.

As the White House and the Oversight Committee lock horns over releasing these critical documents, the outcome of this confrontation could have far-reaching implications for governance and the rule of law.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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