Georgia State Rep Files Lawsuit Against DA Willis

 May 3, 2024

Georgia state representative Mesha Mainor has filed a lawsuit against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and others, alleging that they mishandled her stalking complaint.

The lawsuit alleges favoritism and a lack of proper investigation in Mainor’s stalking case.

Newsweek reported that Mainor, who recently switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, filed the lawsuit against Willis, Commissioner Marvin Arrington, and the Fulton County Ethics Board. The complaint centers on allegations that Corwin Monson, a former campaign staffer, stalked Mainor after being fired from her campaign.

Allegations of Influence Interference and Favoritism

Mainor alleges that Monson stalked her and violated a temporary restraining order multiple times. According to her, Monson then hired Commissioner Marvin Arrington as his defense attorney, who used his influence to interfere with the case, intimidating assistant district attorneys and negotiating directly with the district attorney.

The lawsuit claims that Willis failed to properly investigate Monson's charges and offered him plea deals that violated victim rights laws. Mainor also claims that Commissioner Arrington used his influence to circumvent district attorney office policies and bias Willis against her.

Issues with Romantic Scandals and Reelection

Willis is currently prosecuting former President Donald Trump and others for allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia. In addition to her professional responsibilities, Willis has faced scrutiny due to a romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor in the Trump case.

Willis, who is seeking reelection, faces a challenger in the May 21 primary. Mainor alleges that Willis favored Commissioner Arrington and Monson in the criminal proceedings, although she was the victim.

Allegations and Lawsuit Details

Mainor’s lawsuit involves claims of intimidation and circumvention of office policies. The complaint also asserts that Willis dismissed one of Monson's aggravated stalking cases and offered a plea deal on the remaining charge without informing her, violating her rights as a victim.

Mainor is seeking both emotional and monetary damages from the lawsuit. The complaint also references incidents where Monson showed up at Mainor's campaign events and church, left voicemails, and proposed to her in front of her children.

Involvement of Commissioner and Defense Attorney

Mainor’s lawsuit alleges that Commissioner Arrington used his influence to bias Willis against her before she was sworn in as district attorney. The lawsuit also claims that Arrington, who was Monson's attorney, later resigned after recorded phone calls between him and Monson surfaced publicly.

According to Mainor, Arrington's actions included negotiating plea deals directly with Willis instead of the assistant district attorneys. These actions and his resignation created further complications in the case.

Impact on Willis's Reelection and Support

Willis is facing her first reelection challenge in the May 21 primary. Despite the criticism she has faced, a new poll shows that she has expanded her support since her initial election. Attorney Christian Wise Smith, who ran against her in 2020, is her only challenger.

Fani Willis’s office has been contacted for comment regarding the lawsuit and Mainor's allegations. As the case unfolds, more details are expected to emerge.

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