Georgia Judge Orders Hearing On Allegations Against Fani Willis

 January 18, 2024

A Georgia judge has taken a pivotal step in a case intertwining politics and alleged personal misconduct.

The hearing, set for February 15, will delve into accusations against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her lead prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee's directive demands a written response from Willis by February 2. These developments occur within the context of the high-profile criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump's alleged attempts to influence the 2020 election results in Georgia. The accusations against Willis and Wade stem from a filing by Mike Roman, a Trump co-defendant who claims an improper relationship between Willis and Wade that allegedly benefited Willis financially.

Scrutiny of Willis and Wade Intensifies

Roman's allegations, however, are not substantiated with concrete evidence. He contends that Willis and Wade's supposed relationship has influenced the legal proceedings against him and others.

Roman and 18 co-defendants face charges by Willis for attempting to subvert the 2020 Georgia election.

Roman's filing has caught the attention of national and local media, including The Washington Post and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They report the lack of definitive proof in Roman's claims, stating that his accusations are based on unnamed sources close to Willis and Wade.

Willis Denies Allegations in Public Speech

In response to these allegations, Willis publicly refuted the claims. She strongly denounced the accusations during a speech at Big Bethel AME Church on Sunday.

Willis went further to accuse her critics of employing racial motivations in their criticisms. She implied that these accusations were a tactic to distract and discredit her.

According to The Post:

The accusations first came to light in a filing from one of Trump’s co-defendants, former campaign aide Mike Roman. In his filing, Roman called for Willis and the lead prosecutor, Nathan Wade, to be removed from the case, and also for the charges to be dismissed.

This situation places Willis in a precarious position. She faces scrutiny over her professional conduct and the potential political dimensions of the charges against Trump and his associates. Roman's filing has raised questions about the constitutionality of the charges against him and the other co-defendants.

The upcoming hearing is set to be a significant event. It will address the accusations against Willis and potentially impact the ongoing investigation into the alleged election interference. The outcome of this hearing could have far-reaching implications, not just for the individuals involved but for the broader political landscape.


A Georgia judge has ordered Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to respond to accusations of an alleged personal and financially beneficial relationship with her lead prosecutor, Nathan Wade. These allegations, raised by Mike Roman, a co-defendant in the case against former President Donald Trump regarding election interference, question the integrity of the legal proceedings against Trump and his associates.

While national and local media report a lack of concrete evidence for Roman's claims, the situation has gained significant attention. In a public speech, Willis vehemently denied these allegations, suggesting racial motivations behind the accusations.

The upcoming hearing on February 15 will address these claims, potentially impacting the ongoing high-profile criminal investigation and the broader political landscape.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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