George Clooney Calls for Biden to Withdraw from 2024 Race

 July 10, 2024

In a bold move, actor George Clooney publicly called for President Joe Biden to withdraw from the upcoming 2024 election in a New York Times essay.

The article highlighted concerns over Biden's perceived diminished capacity and its implications for the Democratic Party, Fox News reported.

George Clooney, initially a supporter who recently appeared at a fundraiser with President Biden, has observed a noticeable decline in Biden's vigor and eloquence. In his essay, Clooney described Biden's recent performance as lacking the energy and sharpness evident in his earlier political career.

Clooney noted Biden appeared "tired" and "possibly ill" during recent public appearances, sparking a wave of concern among party insiders and voters alike. The actor criticized party leaders for denying the obvious signs of decline, emphasizing the need for honesty and action to prevent potential electoral setbacks.

Concerns Beyond the Surface: Clooney Voices Wider Alarm

"Was he tired? Yes. A cold? Maybe. But our party leaders need to stop telling us that 51 million people didn't see what we just saw. We're all so terrified by the prospect of a second Trump term that we've ignored every warning sign," Clooney argued. He stressed that the issue of age and vitality cannot be reversed and is crucial for the election.

The sentiment extends beyond Clooney, with many other Hollywood elites, significant donors, and political figures silently echoing the need for change. Clooney's candidness is opening doors for broader discussions regarding the Democratic Party's strategy and leadership in the future.

Clooney has engaged in numerous private conversations with influential party members, including senators and governors, who share his concerns. Nevertheless, their public support for Biden remains intact, underscoring a disconnect between private beliefs and public statements.

Momentum for Change: Pushing for New Democratic Faces

According to the actor, this crisis presents an opportunity to introduce fresh candidates like Maryland Governor Wes Moore, Vice President Kamala Harris, and others. Clooney believes this could invigorate the party and capture the attention of disengaged voters.

"Would it be messy? Yes. Democracy is messy. But would it enliven our party and wake up voters who, long before the June debate, had already checked out? It sure would," stated Clooney. He sees potential in the chaos, suggesting that a robust primary could strengthen the party's chances in the general election.

Clooney's stance reflects a broader dissatisfaction within certain factions of the Democratic Party as they grapple with the tactical and ethical considerations of supporting an incumbent perceived as weakened. 

President Biden maintains his stance of staying in the race, asserting he remains the best candidate to counter Trump. As competing views surface, this sets the stage for a contentious buildup to the party's nomination process.

In conclusion, George Clooney's plea for President Joe Biden to step aside highlights a critical juncture for the Democratic Party.

With key insiders like Clooney advocating for a change in candidacy, the party faces decisions that could shape its identity and strategy for years. 

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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