Gaetz Could Face Expulsion From House

 November 20, 2023

Amidst the political tumult, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has hinted at the potential expulsion of Representative Matt Gaetz from Congress, a fate once faced by Representative George Santos.

Kevin McCarthy, in a recent appearance on Fox News, suggested that the forthcoming report from the House Ethics Committee on alleged ethical violations could lead to Rep. Matt Gaetz's expulsion from Congress.

McCarthy's statements emerge in the backdrop of an ongoing ethics inquiry into Gaetz, focusing on accusations of sexual misconduct and improper use of campaign funds. The former House Speaker has opined that Gaetz's attempts to undermine his bid for speakership were primarily driven by McCarthy's refusal to terminate the ethics investigation against him.

Echoes of the Past in McCarthy's Remarks

Earlier in October 2022, Gaetz had rallied seven of his GOP colleagues in a bid to unseat McCarthy as Speaker. Subsequently, in January 2023, Gaetz successfully blocked McCarthy's speakership bid. This sequence of events casts a long shadow over the current situation.

McCarthy's reference to George Santos, a Congressman who survived two expulsion votes despite facing federal indictments, conveys a subtle yet potent message. Many Congress members had opted to defer their vote on Santos's expulsion until the release of the ethics report.

McCarthy's comments suggest that a similar course of action might be on the horizon for Gaetz following the release of the ethics committee's report.

McCarthy's Perspective on Party Unity

During his Fox News interview, McCarthy expressed his views on the need for party unity. He attributed some of the challenges to internal disagreements, specifically mentioning the situation with Gaetz. McCarthy's comments reflect his perspective on the importance of resolving these issues for the betterment of the party.

“We're gonna have to come together,” he said. “We do know this is really driven … [by] Matt Gaetz’s ethics complaint. I think once that ethics complaint comes forward, he could have the same problem that Santos has. I think the conference would be probably better united to be able to move forward and get this all done.”

McCarthy's statement underscores the gravity of the situation and the potential impact of the ethics investigation on Gaetz's career. It also highlights McCarthy's focus on party cohesion and the need to resolve these internal conflicts to move forward effectively.

Awaiting the Ethics Report

As November 2023 unfolds, the House plans to vote on Santos's expulsion following the release of the much-awaited ethics report. The outcomes of this vote, coupled with the contents of the ethics report, could have significant implications for Gaetz's future in Congress.

The outcome of these developments could potentially reshape the dynamics within the House, affecting not just the individuals involved but also the functioning of the institution.

The precarious situation underlines the significance of ethical conduct in public office and the potential consequences of alleged violations.


  • Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has suggested the possibility of Rep. Matt Gaetz's expulsion from Congress, akin to Rep. George Santos, in the wake of the impending ethics report.
  • Gaetz is currently facing an ethics investigation over allegations of sexual misconduct and misuse of campaign funds.
  • McCarthy believes Gaetz's opposition to his speakership bid was rooted in personal grievances over the ongoing ethics inquiry.
  • McCarthy's comments hint at a potential expulsion vote for Gaetz, similar to the one planned for Santos.
  • In November 2023, the House is planning to vote on Santos's expulsion following the release of the ethics report.

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