Fulton County Board Commissioner Launches Investigation Into Fani Willis

 January 22, 2024

A high-profile legal alliance faces scrutiny under an investigative lens.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is embroiled in an investigation over an alleged inappropriate relationship with a special prosecutor she appointed.

Fulton County's legal scene is currently ablaze with controversy as District Attorney Fani Willis finds herself at the center of a serious inquiry. The allegations involve personal impropriety, the potential misuse of public funds, and conflict of interest in the high-stakes legal proceedings against former President Trump.

Spearheading this probe is Commissioner Bob Ellis of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, whose role as the Chair of the Fulton County Audit Committee compels him to examine such claims.

Allegations of Impropriety and Misused Funds

The crux of the investigation revolves around Willis's connection with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor hired for the prominent Trump election interference case. It's alleged that their relationship was not strictly professional, with a romantic dimension that flies in the face of ethical standards. Commissioner Ellis has been vocal about the impropriety of such a relationship, especially when it intersects with professional duties.

A collection of court documents from Wade's divorce proceedings reveals the nature of the relationship and instances where county funds may have been misappropriated for personal enjoyment. The filings detail joint travel expenses covered by Wade for trips to various destinations, with Willis allegedly set to accompany him.

These destinations include cities and countries far-flung from their Atlanta bases, such as Miami, San Francisco, Belize, Panama, and even Australia.

The timing of these events raises additional eyebrows, as Wade filed for divorce from his wife the day after Willis's appointment. Mike Roman, a co-defendant and former aide to President Trump, brought these allegations to the forefront.

Conflict of Interest and Legal Challenges

The ongoing investigation is not merely about personal ethics but also the integrity of the legal process. Concerns have been raised that Willis's alleged relationship with Wade could constitute a conflict of interest, potentially jeopardizing the neutrality of the Trump election interference case. An emergency hearing is on the horizon, with a Cobb County judge set to discuss Willis's attempt to block a subpoena concerning her relationship with Wade.

During this hearing, the judge will also deliberate on the possibility of unsealing divorce records, which may shed further light on the situation. Critics of Willis argue that transparency is key, especially given the gravity of her office and the cases she oversees. In her defense, Willis has decried the allegations as racially motivated, suggesting that Wade's wife is seeking to disrupt her legal efforts against the former President.

The following is a statement from the court filing related to Wade's divorce:

Since Plaintiff filed for divorce, he has taken trips to San Francisco and Napa Valley, to Florida and even gone on Caribbean cruises... The evidence is clear that Ms. Willis was an intended travel partner for at least some of these trips as indicated by flights he purchased for her to accompany him.

Response to Allegations and Public Perception

The allegations against Willis have stirred a tempest of public opinion, with every development scrutinized by supporters and detractors alike. Willis has countered the charges with vehement denials, suggesting that they are underpinned by racial prejudice. She pinpoints the source of these claims to the machinations of Wade's estranged wife, who, according to Willis, aims to hinder the case against Trump.

In response to Willis's insinuations, the attorney for Wade's wife has stated that her client's intentions are not to obstruct justice. Instead, she is simply seeking information pertinent to their ongoing divorce. The complex web of personal and professional relationships at the heart of this investigation has made it a focal point for both media and public attention.


The investigation into Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis unfolds amidst serious allegations of a personal relationship with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor in the Trump election interference case.

Commissioner Bob Ellis leads the inquiry, focusing on potential misuse of county funds, favors, and conflicts of interest. Court filings from Wade's divorce hint at joint travel and personal benefits, while Willis defends herself against accusations she claims are racially charged.

With an emergency hearing approaching, these revelations' legal and political ramifications are yet to be fully realized. The case continues to develop, with implications for the integrity of the legal system and the political landscape.

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