Fox News Notifies Staff That Two Died

 December 28, 2023

Fox News recently shared the somber news of losing two esteemed colleagues over the holiday season.

Both Matt Napolitano and Adam Petlin, long-serving members of the Fox News team, passed away on December 24 following their battles with illness.

Matt Napolitano, 33, was an accomplished Fox News Audio anchor and reporter. His untimely demise was due to complications from an autoimmune disease-related infection. Adam Petlin, aged 58, served as the Director of Chicago Bureau Operations at Fox News.

His long-standing illness culminated in his passing on the same day as Napolitano. The news of both deaths was conveyed to the Fox News staff through company-wide memos during the holiday period.

Petlin's Legacy: Capturing History and Leading Teams

Petlin's career at Fox News began in 1996 when he joined as a field photographer. Over the years, he rose through the ranks to become a director. Adam Petlin is survived by his wife, Lauren, and their two children, Ava, 18, and Luca, 14. His family, colleagues, and the journalism community mourn his loss.

One of Petlin's notable achievements was leading the first Fox News camera crew at the 9/11 attacks scene in New York. His work on that historic day brought the unfolding events to millions, shaping the world's view of the tragedy.

A Dedicated Career in Journalism and Television

The memos highlighted Petlin's leadership qualities and his swift ascent to a supervisory role. His commitment to excellence in major interviews and events was emphasized.

Regarding Adam Petlin, the memo stated:

"Adam led the first Fox camera crew on scene in downtown Manhattan on September 11th and captured the devastation that immediately unfolded that day, delivering the very news that changed the world to millions of viewers."

Similarly, Napolitano's talents were celebrated, not just within the confines of the news studio but also on national television.

Napolitano's Impressive Journey in Media

Apart from his journalistic prowess, Matt Napolitano was known for his appearances on popular game shows. He was a runner-up on Jeopardy! and reached the bonus round of Wheel of Fortune.  As mentioned in the memo about Matt Napolitano:

"He showed off his talent outside the studio as well, having been a runner-up on Jeopardy! and making it to the bonus round of Wheel of Fortune, but it was his love of journalism that we were lucky enough to benefit from throughout his time at Fox."

These memorials reflect the deep impact both men had on their colleagues and the field of journalism. contributions to Fox News and the broader media landscape were significant, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to inspire current and future journalists.

Leaving Behind a Legacy in Journalism

As the Fox News community and their families mourn, they also celebrate the lives and accomplishments of Matt Napolitano and Adam Petlin. Their dedication to journalism and their personal achievements have left an indelible mark. Both men's careers at Fox News were characterized by passion, dedication, and a commitment to delivering quality news coverage.

  • Matt Napolitano, 33, a Fox News Audio anchor and reporter, passed away from an autoimmune disease-related infection.
  • Adam Petlin, 58, served as the Director of Chicago Bureau Operations at Fox News and passed away after a long illness.
  • Petlin began his career at Fox News in 1996 and was a key figure during the coverage of the 9/11 attacks.
  • Napolitano was known for his journalistic talent and appearances on Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.
  • Both deaths were announced to Fox News staff in company-wide memos during the holiday season.

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