Fox Employee Triggers LAPD To Rush The Scene After Wielding Knife And Making Threats

By Victor Winston, updated on March 27, 2024

An unsettling episode unfolded at the historic Fox Studio lot in Los Angeles, shocking employees and onlookers.

The Los Angeles Police Department detained a female Fox employee in her 30s after she threatened her coworkers and herself with a knife.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident occurred on a Wednesday morning around 9:30 a.m., setting a tense atmosphere over the studio lot on the 10200 block of West Pico in the heart of Century City. Initially spotted outside the compound, the woman's erratic behavior quickly escalated as she ran in and out of traffic, menacingly jumping in front of vehicles.

Inside the Fox Studio facilities, her actions grew more alarming. Armed with a knife, she confronted security guards aggressively and ominously threatened other Fox employees. The gravity of the situation intensified as she confined herself on the third floor of the building, wielding the knife and threatening self-harm.

Studio Lot Crisis Handled Swiftly

Studio employees were advised to keep clear of the area during the standoff, prioritizing their safety while the Los Angeles Police Department responded to the unfolding crisis. The tense situation concluded without physical harm when the woman surrendered the knife to authorities.

David Cuellar, a spokesperson for the LAPD, shared details on how the situation was resolved. He mentioned that the woman involved ultimately decided to drop the knife and was then detained by the police officers.

The woman was then transported to a nearby LAPD station, where further assessments were conducted. The authorities secured the knife, ensuring no further threats to safety. It was a close call on a typical day at one of Los Angeles's most iconic TV and film production sites, known for its 15 sound stages.

A Fight in Traffic Precedes Studio Threats

Before the drama unfolded within the walls of the Fox Studio lot, witnesses observed the woman's disturbing behavior on West Pico Boulevard.

Described as "running in and out of traffic, jumping out in front of vehicles," her actions raised immediate concern among bystanders and passing motorists.

This erratic behavior was a precursor to what would transpire within the studio lot. After entering the building, the woman intensified her threatening disposition by brandishing the knife at guards and then toward other employees. The escalation of her actions marked a clear and present danger to everyone in proximity.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported from this incident, a testament to the effective handling of the situation by the Fox Studio security team and the rapid response of the Los Angeles Police Department. The studio continues its important role in the TV and film production industry, underlined by this alarming but safely resolved episode.


A female Fox employee in her 30s caused a significant disturbance at the Fox Studio lot by threatening coworkers and herself with a knife. The incident, beginning with the woman's unsettling behavior outside the studio and escalating to her brandishing a knife at employees, ended with her detention by the Los Angeles Police Department.

No injuries were reported, thanks to the swift action of the authorities and studio security. This incident serves as a reminder of the potential for unexpected crises and the importance of preparedness and response protocols in workplace environments.

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