Former WWE Star Arrested After Standoff, Accused Of Killing Wife

 February 11, 2024

A shocking event unfolded in Portland, Oregon, where former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes is accused of the fatal shooting of his 85-year-old wife, Janette Becraft.

Former wrestling star William Albert Haynes, known professionally as Billy Jack Haynes, has been arrested following a tense stand-off with police, accused of murdering his wife at their home in Portland.

Haynes, 70, a well-known figure from the world of professional wrestling, particularly remembered for his appearance at WrestleMania III, now finds himself at the center of a criminal investigation. The incident, which claimed the life of Janette Becraft, occurred in the early hours of February 8 in the Lents neighborhood where the couple resided.

Following reports of gunfire at their residence, law enforcement officials and tactical units converged on the scene. A standoff lasted approximately two hours, ending with Haynes' surrender and subsequent arrest. Inside the house, officers discovered Becraft deceased, with evidence suggesting she died from a gunshot wound.

Community Reels from the Loss of Janette Becraft

Authorities have disclosed no motive for the killing, and formal charges against Haynes are still pending. The house, now a site of tragedy, had been the couple's home since Haynes' retirement from the wrestling ring.

The narrative deepens with the revelation that Janette Becraft was not only Haynes' wife but also the mother of another wrestler, Tod Becraft, known in the wrestling community as Tod Ruhl. Haynes and Tod had been close friends since childhood, a bond that only strengthened over the years, culminating in Haynes marrying Janette after her first husband, Dwight's, death.

Sue Becraft, reflecting on the tragedy, shared her heartbreak over the loss of her Aunt Jan, emphasizing the devastating impact of domestic violence.

When a family member is murdered, as my Aunt Jan was this past Thursday morning in Portland, all that comes flooding back is the endless work her daughter did to get her away from her abuser.

Neighbors and relatives have expressed their grief and shock, underscoring this incident's profound effect on the community. Many remembered the couple fondly, with neighbors recounting stories of Haynes' wrestling days and expressing their sadness over the tragic events.

Reflections on a Life Interrupted

Billy Jack Haynes, whose career spanned from 1986 to 1995, had lived far away from the wrestling spotlight in recent years. His marriage to Janette Becraft was a union that united two families with deep ties in the wrestling world.

Statements from the police indicate Haynes is currently in custody at a local hospital, receiving treatment for a medical condition unrelated to the incident. He awaits transfer to jail, where formal charges will be filed, marking the next chapter in this distressing saga.

The community's reaction has been one of disbelief and mourning. Neighbors like Steve Odry and Brelynn Matthieu shared their interactions with the couple, highlighting the loss felt by those who knew them best.

Kim Becraft Finlay, mourning the loss of her mother, shared a touching tribute on social media, praising her mother's beautiful soul and expressing her grief.

Concluding Thoughts

The tragic shooting of Janette Becraft by her husband, former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes, has left a community in shock and mourning. The incident, which led to a standoff with police and Haynes' arrest, has raised many questions, with motives and formal charges still pending. As the investigation continues, the impact of this tragedy on the family and the community serves as a somber reminder of the unforeseen challenges and tragedies that can emerge, even in the lives of those who once entertained millions in the wrestling ring.

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